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How Soon Hath Time Analysis

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A Mature John Milton’s “How Soon Hath Time”
During John Milton’s early adulthood, he had trouble fitting in at Cambridge. Years after he finished at Cambridge, he retired for “private study and literacy composition” (“John Milton”). It was around this time that he wrote his sonnet “How Soon Hath Time” as well as others. John Milton’s sonnet brings up the desperation he feels about becoming a man and succeeding in life as a poet/writer. By the end of the sonnet Milton realizes that all he has to do is trust in God, and good fortunes will come.
In the first line of Milton’s sonnet “time” is personified as a “thief”, to emphasize that as time goes on his youth (the child and carefree ...view middle of the document...

Line 7 has a metaphor, “inward ripeness doth much less appear,” Milton is saying that he is mature on the inside, but on the outside he looks childish. In other words, he is as mature as a man, but the world does not accept him because he appears as a child. “To manhood am arrived so near,” which means that there is one thing holding him back from becoming a man, and feeling accepted into society; it turns out that the thing that is holding him back from “manhood” is puberty (6). Endu’th (endow) according to the OED means; “To invest with a power of quality, a spiritual gift.” This word was used in the eighth line to make a joke saying if his puberty came sooner he would be a very happy person.
In line 9/10 alliteration is used “Yet be it less or more, or soon or slow, /It shall be still in strictest measure even” this line could be taken to have two different meanings by the reader. One interpretation is that Milton is hoping for puberty to hit; one day, sooner or later, in a large amount or small, God will bless him. The other way this line could be interpreted is about his writing career. “Strictest measure” in line 10 could be a metaphor for meter in sonnets, since sonnets have strict meter rules to follow depending on what style of sonnet you are writing; Milton is hoping that God will bless him so that he can become a successful writer/poet. In line 12 Time is referred to as inevitable; “Toward which Time leads me and the will of Heaven”. He decides to ‘stand and wait’ in anticipation of the grace of God. He feels that it is the...

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