How Speed Of A Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices

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How Speed of a Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices
Traci Benge
May 7, 2012
Charles Jacks

Today’s computers have different ways to store data. Some examples of these ways are devices as the hard disk (aka magnetic disk), floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, tape, and the flash (aka jump drive, USB memory stick, and thumb drive). Storage devices come in two different sources; primary or secondary. Each of these devices causes the computer to process data at different speeds. This paper will show how each of these devices store data and how they affect the speed of the computer.

How Speed of a Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices
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The floppy disk originally got introduced as a 5.25 disk in 1976. It was immortalized in 1983 by Matthew Broderick on the original eight-inch floppy of the movie WarGames. The floppy disk evolved over the years to its final version of a hard-shelled 3.5-inch disk. It is capable of 144 MB, which became a dominating device for data storage until the 1990s (Watson, 2010). As the demands for data storage increased, the floppy disk got replaced with devices capable of more storage abilities, such as the CD ROM, Flash, and Zip drive.
Tape (aka Magnetic tape) is older technology like the floppy disk. It was the only alternative to a floppy disk. It was capable of handling much more data than the floppy, and it was also the least expensive form of storage. Tape became referred to as a turtle because its speed was extremely slow because the information stored on a tape has to wind until the desired data is found and is time consuming. The information on the tape cannot be run directly from the tape it requires the data downloaded to the hard disk first, before it can be accessed. The data on the tape for storage generally would be backed-up on computers at night because of the amount of time it takes. A feature of the tape that made it desirable was that it can be erased and recorded on many times (Zarowin, 1996). This type of storage device is rarely used today.
A CD ROM or Compact Disk Read-Only Memory is a small round plastic disk allowing massive amounts of storage of data easily and quickly retrievable. However, if the data stored on the device is large, it takes the computer longer to open it. They are not as susceptible to damage of data for a longer time because they are burned with a laser (Zarowin, 1996). CD’s have also evolved from read-only to today’s re-writable disks. They are cost-effective for users for extra storage space. Digital information (movies, video games, music, computer programs) can be stored and mass produced on them. CD ROM storage can be easily categorized and accessed while optimizing the operating speed of the computer.
The Flash (aka Jump Drive, USB Memory Stick, and Thumb Drive) is a small device that plugs directly into a USB port on...

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