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How Stereo Type Effects Today's Society

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How Stereotyping Effects Today's Society

All most everyone in their lifetime has stereotyped others or has been a victim of stereotype. Stereotypes are developed when we're unable to get information that we need to make a fair judgment on somebody. Everyone has their own stereotype based on past experiences. Stereotypes are changing day by day and new categories are being added. It can affect judgment, views, and even one's own self esteem. Whether we like it or not many of us have a habit of stereotyping. It's not only about race it can go as far as gender or even gossip about what somebody said. The media plays a big role on stereotypes. Many of today’s top stories take place in urban areas, whether it’s shooting or a surveillance video of somebody robbing a store. Whereas in small towns there are very rarely stories that would relate to that. The media portrays men as masculine and never letting their guard down. So people seem surprised when they see ...view middle of the document...

Who’s to say that person wasn’t just having a rough day and may actually be on the nicest people ever? From experiences we let our judgment take the wheel rather than actually seeing for ourselves. We judge people, who are out of the norm, what may be weird to us is an everyday life style to somebody else. It's just as easy as seeing a guy walk down the street with a bright yellow shirt and automatically thinking that he is a homosexual. The problem with society is that we cannot just accept the fact that we are all different. What if the media didn't show every little criminal or harmful act that happened? Would people still think all Arabs are terrorist, all African Americans steal or all White people are crazy? The media only shows you what they want us to know. Nowadays no one is safe from stereotypes even today's youth is caught up in the scene. Studies show that African Americans have the most negative stereotyped amongst all other races. Also that racial profiling still exists. “Treating people differently according to their race is as un-American as a hereditary aristocracy, and as American as slavery” (Etzioni 482) Even though slavery ended over a hundred years ago we still have tendencies of treating people differently because of their race. Racial stereotypes develop in a variety of ways. On a basic level, it is human nature to categorize people. It is a way of making a complex world easier to understand. Any negative experiences that a person has with a particular group; it will reinforce their negative racial stereotypes about that particular group. From an early age, people learn to place one another into categories. The less contact people have with a particular racial group, the more likely they will develop negative feeling about that group. As people, we have stereotyped others or have been stereotyped, even young children judge other children by their appearance. Like the kid that wears glasses is a nerd or the kid that doesn’t wear the latest trend is poor because he’s not in style. Everyone is unique; no one on this Earth is the exact same not even twins. So why can’t we as people just accept that, without having to categorize everyone. As long as there are different races and cultures, stereotyping will never go away. We fear what we don’t know or understand.

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