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How Successful Was The League In The 1920s

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When the League was constructed, a covenant set out the aims of the League of Nations.These were:*To discourage aggression from any nation*To encourage countries to co-operate, especially in business and trade*To encourage Nations to disarm*To improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the worldBy settling border disputes such as the Aaland Islands were Sweden and Finland both wanted control over the Aalands, which where midway between both countries. They threatened to fight, but then appealed to the League of Nations. Then after ...view middle of the document...

The aim to encourage disarmament partly worked. The League members met for Disarmament conferences and there was no major re-armament until the 1930s.The aim to improve living conditions showed up to be the best working aim out of all four of them. This was achieved because of the work of the agencies of the League.The League also failed at certain aspects of these aims, for instance the discourage aggression aim e.g. Vilna. Vilna was the capital of new Lithuania but was largely populated by polish. So a private polish army simply took control of it. The League of Nations was unable to do anything again failing at certain aspects of the aim.In the encourage co-operation aim, the League benefited from all the help and loans from the US, but most of the help was from outside the League.In the encouragement of disarmament aim, disarmament conferences were held but no-one except Germany was willing to disarm.I think that the League of Nations was not very successful because there were always bitter feuds between France and Germany. There was also no trust within the League "façade of public fellowship."All the countries did not agree to disarm. If the League would have been successful then the tragedy of WW2 would have never occurred.

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