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How Technology Has Changed The World Culture?

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Human life is rapidly changing and the main impact is technology. With the help of internet, computers and smart phones, world has become a global village. One can learn about the culture from any corner of the world with just few clicks. Our new generations are growing up with smart phones, iPads and internet in their hands. You will not find any teen without a cell phone in his/her hand which means they are in direct contact with their fellows all the time. Not only communication is become fairly easy but also access of information is not a big deal nowadays.
Technology has brought significant changes in our lives. The lives our parents or grandparents might have lived are completely dissimilar than the one we are living. Meaning of luxury is changed as it is associated with the obtainability of internet ...view middle of the document...

Culture brings change in human’s lives with respect to environment around them and same can be said about technology as it is bringing change in our lives as well. Technology is assortment of human made machines which are made to provide ease and comfort. Their use is entirely dependent on human themselves and their good or bad influence will also rest on that. If these machines are used to make our work easier, then technology is nothing but a blessing. No one would also mind faster communication being possible because now families living in different parts of the world can share their happy and sad moments through Internet and cell phones. They do not have to wait for days for the letters to be received or to congratulate someone special on any achievement.
Saying that technology has changed the world culture is not a wrong statement because it surely has. People prefer to text each other instead of actually meeting; they might have hundreds of friends on social media sites but still falling in depression because of loneliness. Families are hardly seen sitting together in living room for tea time because everyone has a technology gadget in their hands and those online friends are somehow more important than real family.
Technology itself is not bad but its immense use could cause physical and mental problems. With the advent of computer games, play stations and social media craze, kids and even adults have stopped going outside and getting involved in outdoor activities. They do not mind playing online games with their friends but meeting someone in person is something difficult for everyone nowadays. There are some people who would never care to leave the house if they have had the possibility to stay in home with their computers all the time. Overall, it is not a machine which could be good or bad but the way a person uses it will bring modification to society and world’s culture.

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