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How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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America has many immigrants from different countries.But is everyone adjusted the new culture? The answeris no. It is true that young children can easily fitinto this society and adapted the new culture.However, there are still many older immigrantsparticipated in their native culture. Because of thehange?and ot change?situation, that is why manyfamilies have conflicts between parents and children.That is exactly what Julia Alvarez mentioned in hernovel, ow the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents? shepoint out how the Garcia girls change their culturesin the new country when they assimilates into it andbring gains as well as losses to their family.The Garcia is a wealthy family in Dominican ...view middle of the document...

One example is that when Sofia, youngest ofthe four girls, ran off with her Germany boyfriendOtto because Carlos had read her letters without herpermission. ou have no right, no right at all, to gothrough my stuff or read my mail!?p30) Sofia criedwhen her father hold up her mails and scold her. Byadopted the American culture, the girls grow up andwanting more independent as well as privacy for theirown. However, they have conflict with their fatherbecause he believes in Dominican culture that he hasthe rights to know about his daughters?privacies.Another main culture difference between DominicanRepublic and America is sexuality. The Garcia girlsall have different experience in their grow. Carla,the oldest sister, was harassed at school by maliciousand prejudiced boys. She sees sexuality as anembarrassing and possibly threatening aspect of humanpsychology. Sandra, the second oldest sister, grewdisillusioned with American virtue after watching adrunk woman kiss her father when she was young. Thisevent made her become inability to express herself.Yolanda, the third sister, had difficulty interactingwith men in sexual and romantic situations. Sheeventually divorced her husband, John. This heartbreakled to a mental breakdown and the inability to uselanguage in a meaningful way. Sofia, the youngestsister, had on-stop boyfriends?when she got olderin America. She ran off with her boyfriend anddeveloped a tense relationship with her father. Sheused...

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