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How The History Of Music Ifluences Today

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Music Appreciation
“Our lives are constantly changing, with new avenues of the supertechnology highway opening every day. This technological resolution has a strong impact on our work and our leisure activities. It also conditions how, when, and where we listen to music” Yes, as our book immediately states, our lives have changed. We can now listen to music in almost any location on earth. The music we’ve created has evolved into a great number of genres, all with wonderful different sounds. But without the old, there would have been nothing for the new to build upon.
Much, if not all music from the middle ages and before is religious. This is due to sponsorship from the churches at the ...view middle of the document...

This era brought mass production through the industrial revolution. It is characterized by large scale symphonies, concertos, and sonatas. Symphonies were one of the most significant parts of the era, with Hayden and Mozart’s final works. Concertos had existed during the baroque era, meaning a solo group and orchestra. However, during the classical era, it’s definition shifted to meaning a solo instrument and an orchestra. Sonatas were set for either a solo instrument, or a duo. The era is also known for it’s chamber music, most notably the string quartet. Operas and church music were popular, even still.
In the 18th century we move from the classical era to the romantic era. This era had resulted from the changes in society and politics following the French revolution. The industrial revolution continued to make advancements to instruments, causing their prices to lower. Most romantic fall between the structure of strophic, or through-composed. One of the most popular genres was the German lied. Coming into to the 19th century with improvements to the piano led to the development of the Concert Grand Piano. In this, also it also began the reign of the virtuoso pianist, usually a composer and performer at the same time. Two important artists from this time period were Frederic Chopin, who dedicated his entire work to the piano, and Franz Liszt, who created the new genre of symphonic poems. Louis Gottscholk, was a man from New Orleans, who drew inspiration from African American, Creole, and Latin American folk songs.
When not related to the piano, in some respects, the 19th century was very similar to the eighteenth with their program music. Symphonies were still a very popular part of music, and they were growing. Some of these composers, such as Johannes Brahms, stayed with classical traditions. However, others such as Dvorak incorporated inspiration he got from other cultures, while living in America. The romantic era had also preserved the concerto, but with more free use of Standard forms. Choral and dramatic music also spread in popularity, due to the spread of democracy. At this time, there were three main styles of opera, based on nation. This includes French, German, and Italian. Towards the end of the century, while some composers resisted, it showed that the romantic era was all but over.
The new century once again ushered in a new era of music, including the movement of Impressionism, brought by Maurice Ravel, and Claude Debussy, as well as the movement of post-romanticism, from such as Puccini, and Richard Strauss. Impressionism can be drawn from the french, who were trying to capture first impressions. This had happened at an important time in the history of European music, when composers were starting to feel that they had exhausted the major-minor system. At the time, artists turned away from the attitudes of the Romantic Era. While some composers tried to make more simple music, and others tried to make even more complex...

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