How The Negative Impact Of E Organisation On Organisations Can Be Assuaged

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Electronic organisations commonly referred to as e-org has been made popular by the ever spreading grip of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). E-organisation describes organisational and institutional patterns enabled by ICT. Though the advantages are much appreciated and has boosted the growth of the economy in several nations across the with knowledge explosion, speed in access to information and easy business transactions to mention a few, the effects are also being felt making true the saying that “there are two sides to everything; good and bad”. Though the advantages are profitable, the negative impacts have began to take their toll on organisations. Therefore, conscious efforts have to be made by management to lessen the severity of these unavoidable impacts.
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Such trainings should be evaluated and actions taken on feedback gotten, improvements made and shortcomings addressed.
The Lagos State Government recently extended the school period in secondary schools within the state to re-awaken the culture of reading which is slowing and unnoticeably ebbing away in our society. This act by the government can be implemented to fit the structure of organisations. Libraries, no matter how small should be set up and employees encouraged to spend time. Also, researches and presentations should be better enhanced.
Management should insist on hard copies of materials to accompany softcopies when presentations or other related activities are made. These backup is not easily destroyed or corrupted with viruses.
A large number of those directly involved in the operation of these gadgets are unaware of the health hazards constant exposure poses to them. E.g eye damage, cancer e.t.c. Lots of people have resorted to the use of prescribed eyeglasses, swelling of limbs as a result of inadequate movement, threats of cancer from continuous inhaling of undetectable fumes from electronic gadgets. All these in turn affect the productivity of workers and increases the health payments by the employees. Good health is a paramount thing to every human being. Employees should be orientated and constantly reminded. One of the ways of achieving this is by strategically programming pop-up windows on their computer systems enlightening them.
There are other ways of lessening the negative impact of e-organisations but due to the restrictions of this study on the few are discussed. No matter how much these impacts are, with deliberate efforts one organisation at a time, the negative effects of e-organisations will soon be less threatening.

Ivey Business Journal: Improving the Practice of Management (September/October 2000)

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