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How The Senses Taste And Smell Work

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How the Senses of Taste and Smell Work Together

March 28, 2016

When thinking about smell and taste, its importance to understand how each impact the other. The primary organ responsible for the sense of smell is the nasal cavity. We experience the sense of taste through our mouth. The relationship between these two senses is what help us to experience and enjoy flavor. When either sense is missing or not functioning at its full potential, a disconnect occurs. This can be detrimental as we experience life through our senses. People typically do not ...view middle of the document...

these are called odorants. The receptor proteins are stimulated and a neural response is triggered. The signals about smell and taste combine which allows us to identify flavors of food. Taste is focused on identifying chemicals that have bitter, sour, sweet, salty or savory taste. Nevertheless, the sense of smell and taste go hand in hand. Each play a huge role in how we perceive foods that we eat.

Olfaction is just as important, when we sniff we are detecting and chemicals that are floating in the air. The olfactory system is a a sensory system associated with the sense of smell. These odorants that are collected are then transposed into neural signals. This association also impacts emotions.

A Memorable Meal
I enjoy cooking good soul food. There is nothing that I enjoy more than preparing meals that have a significant meaning to me. Indulging in meals that remind me of times, places, or fond childhood memories make it all worth while. In creating the most memorable meal of my life, it would be important to incorporate the sense of smell, sight, hearing,taste and touch. All of my senses would be needed to ensure a all aspects of this memorable meal is executed. The meal would consist of a salad composed of a huge bed of lettuce, topped with croutons, fresh garden picked tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. This will be followed by succulent steak topped with onions which are chargrilled to perfection with a loaded baked potato on the side. Included with this meal will be a side of asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon which is lightly seasoned with a dash of salt. The meal will be completed by a chocolate molten cake topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

This meal reminds me of my grandmothers home cooking and the fond memories of traveling to her house in Mississippi in the heat of the summer. As we got closer to her home on the country side, I reflect on looking out of the window at all of the pine trees and the pungent smell of the cows and pigs that were fenced song the highway. These were the triggers that reminded me that we were almost there. You could smell the pigs in the car, even if the windows were shut. After arriving at grandmas house, I remember sitting in the backyard under the shade tree, and although there was shade, the sun managed to shine through to slightly burn our legs. I am reminded about how we had to wait outside until we were called to come inside for dinner only after we were first given a tall glass of cold sweet iced tea and lemonade which grandma called an "Arnold Palmer". Fond memories of hearing the dogs barking, birds chirping and the radio playing, blasting the blues reminded me that I was at home at grandmas house. These sounds and experiences make me reflect on the good old days. If I had to change anything in the meal to make it taste better, I would always ensure that all of...

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