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How To Access Facebook Essay

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For the task to be carried out the user will need specific components so that he/she will be able to access Facebook.
- Hard drive components
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- Monitor
- Cables
- Modem
- Power supply
- Internet
- Operating system
- Web browser
Keyboard: the user will need a keyboard to carry out his/her task which is to access Facebook. The keyboard will be needed to input data into the computer and send information or commands to the computer. The keyboard will be connected to the computer via USB slot and USB port. As we type, the information is sent by bus to the keyboard motherboard. Then from the motherboard the information is sent to the ...view middle of the document...

STEP 3: Buy the correct RAM that will be needed for the user’s computer. While buying the user should keep in mind that the RAM’S that are already installed and the one’s the user is buying should have the same speed. If this is ignored then after installation of the Ram the computer system will be clocked down so that it would operate with the slowest stick and this will affect the performance of the user’s computer.
STEP 4: Then the user will need to turn of the computer completely. This also means that the computer will need to be unplugged from every components and peripherals.
STEP 5: After that the user will need to lay the hard drive on to the side where the case would face up. Then the case would need to be removed so that the user can access the motherboard.
STEP 6: Next the user will need to locate the area where the RAM and sockets are and the motherboard will have 2 or more RAM slots.
STEP 7: Then the user will need to remove the old RAM (if needed). To replace the old RAM the user will need to release the clamps on both sides of the socket. This will release the RAM from the socket and enable the user to take the previous RAM out of the motherboard with ease.
STEP 8: next the user will need to take the new RAM out of the packaging carefully and grip the side of the RAM so that the RAM would not be damaged.
STP 9: the next task for the user to carry out will be to insert the RAM in the socket. Align the RAM in the socket and then put slight amount of pressure until a click can be heard indicating that the RAM has been placed in the correct place. The user will need to keep in mind that when he/she is applying pressure they will need to be careful as too much pressure may break the RAM. Also the matching pairs of RAM should be inserted in their matching slots. Sometimes it is labelled by colour making it easier to identify which RAM should be installed. And the user will need to repeat the same process for each stick he/she will install.
STEP 10: when the RAM has been installed the user will need to close the computer. And plug the peripherals back to it allocated place.
STEP 12: turn on the computer. The user should monitor the computer when it turns on as it should turn on normally. But if the computer shows self-test when the start-up takes place than the user will be able to confirm that the installation was a success.
Why is it important to follow protocols and procedures

To know the protocols and procedure is important because it enables the user to keep his/her computer safe, avoiding all risks and also it will be safe for the user, as following the protocols and procedures will also keep the user safe because it will mean that the user will be able to install the RAM...

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