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How To Adapt To Your Audiences

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How to adapt your audience when your writing business messages

Adapting to your audience :

“being sentatives to audience needs”

Using the “you” attitude pg.124
The you attitude is the best implemented by expressing your msg in terms of the audience’s interests and needs
Consider audience needs and want
Don’t focus on “you” when delivering the message
Using the you attitude sounds overly authoritative or accusing
Be sure to consider the attitudes of other culture and the policies of your organization
Some culture take offensive when you single ones persons achievement becase the whole team is responsible for the outcome that’s when you use the we us attitude
Some companies ...view middle of the document...

Never try to hide the negative news, but loo for the positive points that will forster a good relationship with your audience.
When you are offering criticism or advice, focus on what the person can do to improve
Avoid referring to failures, problems, or shortcomings. Focus instead on what the audience members can do to improve the situation
If your trying to persuade audience members to perform a particular action, point out how doing so will benefit them.
Show your audience members how they will benefit from responding to your message in the way you would like them to respond.
Use euphemisms. There equivalent word or phrases that express a thought in milder terms, can ease the blow off negative news, but they must be used carefully to avoid annoying or misleading the audience.
However when using ‘euphemisms” its easy to push the idea to far and wind up sounding ridiculous or worst yet obscuring the truth. Even if its unpleasant, people respond better to an honest message delivered with integrity than they do to a sugar-coated message that obscures the truth.

Using bias-free language pg.127
Biased language can perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices
Avoid using words and phrases that unfairly and even unethically categorized or stigmatize people in ways related to gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, or other personal characteristics.
Gender bias
Racial and ethnic bias
Age bias
Disability bias

“Building strong relationships”
Successful communication relies on a positive relationship between sender and receiver. Establishing your credibility and projecting your company’s image are two vital steps in building and fostering positive business relationships

“Establishing your credibility 129
People are more likely to react positively to your message when they have confidence in you.
Audience responses to your messages are based on your credibility.
Credibility is measure of your believability, based on how reliable you are and how much trust you evoke in others.
Audiences who already know you you’ve already established some degree of credibility, based on past communication efforts.
However with audiences you don’t know, you need to establish credibility before they accept...

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