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How To Be Good ' Nick Hornby

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English Essay
“How to be Good” is written by Nick Hornby in 2001, and they store is about an average family.
One day the narrator, whose name is Katie, is in a dilemma. Her husband David has given their son’s computer away to the women’s refuge: without consulting her or their two kids. David thought it was greedy to have two computers in the house when those women and their children didn’t even have one.
This action of David’s has, inevitable, made the children upset, because they now have to share one computer, instead of having their own. Katie ends the argument with the following statement ‘’you can’t blackmail your own children like that’’
In the end all parts calm down, and ...view middle of the document...

And although she wants to help, she is not willing to compromise her own way of life.
The narrator’s parents are visiting for lunch on a Sunday, where David is in the kitchen and out of nowhere he gets a sudden urge to help people in need.
He is preparing to give their entire lunch, which they have spent several hours making, to charity. Katie gets upset with David’s continuously, self-sacrificing behavior. She gets so upset that she completely turns against David and practically scolds him. She manages to calm down once again, and persuades David not to give their lunch away. She suggests that as an alternative they could reheat some premade lasagna from their freezer.
When David gets these urges Katie describes him as a fanatic. “(…) now I can see that he’s gone mad, that he wants to humiliate us all. How could I have forgotten that this is what always happens with zealots? (…) interested in nobody but themselves, nothing but their own piousness”. (pp. 2, lines 46-48).
The quotation indicates her thoughts of David as a selfish individualist, who is only interested in...

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