How To Break Up Essay

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How to Break-up

Everyone knows that the break-up of a relationship is emotionally difficult for both parties. There is no easy way to break up with someone, and some will avoid it at all costs. We have even created several stages of being broken up just to avoid those dreaded words. Couples go on "breaks," "take some time apart," "see other people," and "give each other some room." There are also several types of break-ups. Some are clean cut, and others are long and drawn out. The truth is there are several ways to break it off. Some people prefer the quickest and least painful way for themselves. Unfortunately, these are usually the more painful for the ex. You just have to find the ...view middle of the document...

I will also admit that I did not really feel any deep attachment to the person, and was really not in the mood for dealing with an emotional boy. However, I do not recommend this way if you have any self-respect. If you are really that scared of confrontation, use a telephone.

Of course, people do not always answer their phones. The only thing worse than breaking up with someone over email is leaving someone a very depressing message on an answering machine. Not only do you run the risk of someone else hearing the message first and embarrassing your ex, but you also might start receiving a whole slew of your own evil messages. One advantage of the answering machine break-up is that it gives you the chance to rehearse beforehand. You could even write down what you want to say and then just read it over the phone. I have to admit that I have not heard of anyone ever doing this that was over the age of twelve.

Another way to break up with someone while also avoiding the situation as much as possible is through an internet instant messaging service. This is a step above the answering machine and the email because it allows some interaction, while keeping a safe distance. Through instant messenger you do not have to see any of your boyfriend's tears, or risk being hurt by a psycho boyfriend.

Another way to avoid those uncomfortable situations is to send someone else to break up with your significant other for you. (I recommend not sending your new boyfriend because that might get ugly.) Usually this kind of technique is left back in middle school. This is only acceptable if you have severe social anxiety. If you fall under this category I don't really know how you were in a relationship to begin with.

Sometimes an acceptable way to end it is over the phone. This is a suitable way for a long-distance relationship to end, since the relationship was based on phone calls to begin with. Over the phone the couple has a chance to discuss the relationship and come to a conclusion together. If that is not possible, the party being dumped at least gets a decent explanation, even if he or she is denied any kind of physical closure, such as a nostalgic last kiss.

My personal favorite technique is falling off the face of the Earth. This can be achieved by completely losing contact-- refusing to return any phone, beeper, cell, and internet messages. You might also have to move away and find a new job. I find people who choose this drastic measure have been through a break-up with this particular person before, usually MANY times before. As awful as it is to ignore someone completely and deny them any explanation of your...

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