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How To Build Student Confidence Essay

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Literature Review:
Entering high school is not easy, and once they enter it, it’s not really bad, it’s not harder then elementary school, except the thought of entering a new world gives the students great fear. Once the grade 9 students begin their first semester, it’s not very bad; it’s only the beginning thought of high school which lowers their confidence. A child gains confidence through accomplishments (Bayfield, 2002). I agree that this is a fact because once they see themselves gaining after hard work; they will want to work harder to succeed even better than the last time. Learners are more apt to be motivated and engaged, and their achievement is more likely to ...view middle of the document...

That is how a weakness can become a strength.” (Covey, 1998). Some students think that if they’re not good at something, they will quit at their first try because they don’t have any confidence to complete their task. Being bad at something doesn’t mean that they can’t get better, and anyways, practice makes perfect. If the students think that they could accomplish their task and have confidence of their completion of the task, they would be able to complete it if they get motivated with a reward or “tokenism, which focuses on extrinsic rewards that can be effective in the short term” (Sanacore, 2008). This technique is used for reluctant learners, which are people who learn as they are in their motivation to learn (Sanacore, 2008)except it is effective for a shorter time than intrinsic. The intrinsic, or big-picture perspective is more likely to provide motivational benefits when the context of the classroom and its relevance to the students lives are highlighted (Sanacore, 2008). Once the students know what the task is based on their lives, they gain the confidence in sharing their opinion or point of view.
In being part of a Family Studies class, there was a variety of different reasons for the lack of confidence of the students. Since sewing and cooking are not things that the students would do on a regular basis at home, many students had a lack of confidence in being able to complete their tasks. I observed the first term students and most of them had a hard time because they all came from different schools. They did not have a sufficient amount of confidence because they would always ask the teacher at the beginning of the term. Many of the students at the beginning were working alone, except later on they began more comfortable, which could help gain some confidence. The second term students had some confidence because they were friends with every other student in the class, and when they needed help, they wouldn’t always go directly to asking the teacher, they would ask their classmates first. The second term didn’t have confidence in being able to complete the assignments on time or in the right order. The students didn’t have confidence because they were only thinking about the process and never thought of the final product of their task.
Action Based Research Project:
What did I do?
 I chose a subject where I have a wide understanding and also something I would enjoy. I enjoyed this class for the sewing because of my love for sewing, where I sew at home.
 I would not leave a student without assistant when in need of it.
 I helped the students complete their tasks in the proper order.
 I would keep an eye on every student to make sure they are on the right track.
 I did some marking which helped me see the students’ weaknesses.
 I had to speak to each individual student to know what they did right or wrong. At times if I took a look from far I would know what the mistake was if it was at the beginning.

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