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How To Cfeate A Mailmerge In Msword

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Using Mail Merge in
Microsoft Word 2003

Created: 12 April 2005

Mail Merge

Note: You should be competent in Microsoft Word before you attempt this Tutorial.

Open Microsoft Word 2003

Beginning the Merge

You may start Mail Merge with a blank document or one that you have already created.
We will use a blank document in this tutorial.

To begin the Mail Merge sequence click Tools in the Menu Bar, select Letters and Mailings, and then Mail Merge Wizard (see arrows below).

You will now see a Microsoft Mail Merge Task Pane appear on the right side of your screen – similar to the image at the right.

...view middle of the document...

You can use an Excel spreadsheet, Outlook Mail Contacts, or several other sources.

The Access database file we will be using was created with our Access 2003 tutorial. If you’d like a copy of this tutorial and database file, please e-mail the address found at the end of the tutorial, or download them from our website, which is also found on the last page.

Click the Browse button in Task Pane 3.

We, as indicated, are going to select an Access Database. It is located on our C: drive in the Folder Mail Merge Word XP.

After we select our database we’ll click the Open button.
You may choose several other file types, as previously indicated. If you click the small down arrow to the right of the Files of type: area in the Select Data Source menu screen (image at bottom of last page and on right), you will see many other file types from which you can merge.

When we selected the Person 2003 database, the following Select Table menu appeared. This database contains three Tables – we are going to choose the Personnel Table.

After we selected Personnel, we clicked the OK button. The Mail Merge Recipients menu screen appears.

Spend a few moments viewing Mail Merge Recipients screen (at the bottom of the last page). Use the elevator bars at the bottom and on the right of the screen to view your data.

If you are not familiar with the Mail Merge Recipients Filter Screen, an addendum on how to use this filter screen is provided at the end of this tutorial on Page 30.

Click the OK button when you have viewed the screen to your satisfaction.

Look at the middle of Task Pane 3 again. Notice that the Browse selection has been replaced by the image to the right. This Task Pane now indicates the database (or other source) you selected and allows you to edit the list which appeared when you made this selection (bottom of last page).

You are now ready to begin inserting fields into your mail merge document. However it would be prudent to save your mail merge letter at this time. Once you’ve accessed your database, the save feature will not only save your document, but preserve the link to your data source (database, spreadsheet, etc.)

Saving your Mail Merge document

You will want to save your mail merge documents periodically. Use your favorite Save method. We’ll click File in the Menu Bar and select Save (as shown in the image on the right.

The Save As menu screen will appear (image at the top of the next page).

We will save our document as Mail Merge Letter in the Mail Merge Word 2003 Folder on our C: drive.

Creating the Mail Merge Document

Having selected our data source, we are now ready to create our mail merge document. Look at the bottom of the Step 3 of 6 Task Pane and click Next: Write your letter.

You will now be taken to the Mail Merge Step 4 of 6 Task Pane. The top of this Task Pane looks like the image on the left.

We’ll cover two of the selections you see at the left – Address block...

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