How To Choose And Care For A New Pet

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How to Choose and Care for a New Pet After choosing your pet you need to get all the things you need to bring them home. They will need food, water and food bowls, and if you get a kitten you will need to get them a litter box and kitty litter. You might also get your pet a bed and some toys to play with. It is always nice to get your pet some treats so that you can let them know they are doing a good job by going potty outside or in their litter box. As your pet gets older you can use treats to help teach your animal tricks or commands such as; sit, stay, rollover, or you can even teach them how to catch a ball. When you bring you pet home give ...view middle of the document...

It’s good to feed them a little early in the evening so that they have time to go outside and potty before you go to bed. Also like you, your pet has to go potty. You need to take them out often so that they understand where they are supposed to go potty at. If you got a puppy they might not be potty trained yet, so accidents might happen. If that happens tell your puppy what they did wrong and take them out so that they remember where they are supposed to go potty at. It is also helpful if you give your puppy a treat after they go potty outside so that they know they did a good job. Love on your puppy afterwards and tell them good boy of good girl so that they know they did the right thing. It might be tough at first having a new pet! Puppies like to chew on things so get them some toys or bones so that they chew on them instead of your things. Keep little things off the floor so they don’t choke on them. Puppies also like shoes, so you’ll probably want to keep them put up until they learn what they are, and are not allowed to chew on. Hopefully these tips are useful and help you and your new pet get off to a good start. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go the way you want them to at first. Your pet has to learn things just like you had to learn things like how to use the potty, how to tie your shoes, and how to dress yourself. Be patient and things will get easier in time. Don’t forget to always love your pet!

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