How To Close School Achievement Gaps

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How can we close the Achievement Gap?
When we are thinking about our school system it isn’t difficult to think about different gaps, which we should reach. Gaps that we should break down to get a stronger education system, with better qualified teachers, which can lead our students to a grounded education. In the education system you can find negative stereotypes, which make the way for success for students even more difficult. Stereotypes can effect students in their personal goals but also make them feel less valued. Also, bad teachers in the school system aren’t making things better, which get protected from unions, but on the other hand teachers have no freedom. To find a way out of ...view middle of the document...

Denton states: “When people are led to believe that their abilities are fixed at birth, members of the positively stereotyped groups suffer less anxiety when they have to perform a task, because they’re reassured that their group membership guarantees high ability” (29) We should teach students that their abilities are still changeable. In motivating students to their success and challenging stereotypes we could get students to better tests results.
Before we can get rid of stereotypes, we should get qualified teachers for our students. A lot of authors have tried to search why we don’t have qualified teachers and what we have to change. The opinions are really diverse. There are solutions which will help for a quick change and solutions for long term. Teachers aren’t helping our students, but they are stopping the student’s progress. According to Joel Klein, author of “The failure of American Schools”: “Teachers and principals whose students do well should get substantial merit pay; those who don’t should be fired.” (page 7) ,also he is stating: “ One of the best things we could do is hire fewer teachers and pay more to the ones we hire.” (page 9) How teachers, which aren’t educated, could educate our students? Linda Darling- Hammond author from “ Restoring Our Schools” agrees with Klein points that teachers should earn more but she believes more that we have to support teachers and giving them a certain training that they gone be well prepared for the students. She is stating: “ Funded schools that provide quality educators and learning materials, which are the central resources for learning; a system that ensures that teachers and leaders in every community are extremely well prepared and are supported to be effective on the job.” (page 6) Teachers lose their motivation, this problem we can lead back on that all teachers are pay same pay no matter how qualified they are so teachers are getting cheated and rather teach in a school where they don’t have to focus on the students, who need extra help. Linda Delton also states: “The U.S. has not invested high quality teachers and an education system, but instead making small goals and punishing schools who do not meet the goals”. To become better teachers in our education system we should start investing more in our teachers and provide schools with modernized books and curriculums to improve instruction, also we should trading teachers with more respect. We should attract more qualified teachers for the teaching profession, by recruiting teachers from the top third of each group that graduates from their top performing schools instead of the teachers of the low bottom. Klein is stating: “ Because most teachers prefer to teach highly motivated kids who life in safe communities, and whose parents will contribute private money to the school.” Linda Darling Hammond propose to invest in well qualified teachers, school funding reforms so that citizen will have a higher level in education. Teachers...

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