How To Deal With People In The Workplace From The Perspective Of Management

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How to Deal With People in the Workplace from the Perspective of Management

Yanxi Liu & Jing Shu
Report # 3

Work efficiency is one of the gold keys for every company. Both employees and employers have their own demands, which are always conflicted with each other. How to reduce conflicts and maintain a balance of the disagreement becomes a priority work of managers who have strong faith in that a harmonious rapport will facilitate their work. This report will discuss how to deal with people in workplace from the perspective of management. And we are going to illustrate the solution from the following two aspects: ...view middle of the document...

Besides the manipulation of economical benefits, the promise of a promotion proves to be very efficient to attract job applicants and inspire employees. With the hope to climb up the ladders and gain more opportunities to prove their value, job hunters always seek out businesses with promise of advancement. Politic managers know how to take full advantage of it in due time, keeping their ears open to their subordinates to get to know who make the largest contribution to projects. And they are careful of election of recipient of rewards by denying their own absolute say in decision and empowering all fellow workers to vote for the winner. Meanwhile, “No pain, no gain.” is a universal acknowledgement. So managers know better how to give an impetus to people who make the least contribution and push them to work harder or give punishment when someone jeopardize the work. All these incentives and punitive measures are just like hardware of management, and when well utilized, will function smoothly in the organic whole, so as to stand the whole company in good stead.

On the other hand, involvement of people in workplace warns the management against ignorance of the emotional aspect, the software of management, which is sometimes so intangible and easy for managers to lose sight of. In this part we are going to address issues arising from the emotional aspect and discuss, in particular, two influential elements in the relationship between managers and subordinates, namely, credibility and stress management.

Credibility can be defined as the ability to engender trust in others. According to Bruce Katcher (President of Discovery Surveys, a Massachusetts-based firm specializing in conducting employee opinion and customer satisfaction surveys), “Just 53 percent of employees believe the information they receive from senior management”. This figure is based on a review of the company's database of 30,000 respondents from 44 international companies. As we can see there is a gulf existing between the manager and subordinate. Bridging the credibility gap is an important component of management effectiveness.

A good way to build trust is communication and concern, which is conducive to a good rapport between managers and their subordinates. At the core of every good boss is the ability to communicate expectations clearly. Therefore, to sharpen communication skills is homework for every manager. Also, a good manager should have the ability of listening attentively to their subordinates. Lending an attentive ear to employees turns out to be incredibly workable for managers as they can learn to put themselves in others’ shoes and obtain feedbacks, which help them to modify their own behavior and also to have a grasp over the situation or the matter at hand. For another, employees can feel respect and attention from their bosses, and believe it provides a good chance for them to speak up for themselves. As a result, they try to render the most service in...

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