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How To Describe Teaching In Learning

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1. Background of Analysis
To understand a concept to the point of being able to explain it to others, is when real learning has occurred and personal knowledge has been acquired. Nowadays is indeed true for learners in a variety of guided situations.  The natural reaction of mulling over a complex problem or situation with others allows for deeper levels of reasoning, new perspectives, shared responsibilities and greater motivation to remain focused on the learning.  A practical implication when conversation and interaction is encouraged rather than discouraged is more noise, less quiet; greater movement, reduced lecturing.  When teachers have ...view middle of the document...

There is evidence that neurotic symptoms and patterns of mental illness are also learned behavior. Learning occurs throughout life in animals, and learned behavior accounts for a large proportion of all behavior in the higher animals, especially in humans.
A. Defining of Teaching

Teaching as one of those skills has been the main skill which requires refinement and development because a good way of teaching, as many experts argue so far, creates a high quality learning (Loughran, 2010). This indicates that teaching improvement should be at the heart of every teacher.

To deeply understand the concept of teaching, being familiar with our roles as a teacher might be useful. In terms of teachers’ role, in his very influential book “The Prophet”, Kahlil Gibran said “teacher is indeed wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind” (Gibran 1991: 76 as cited in Harmer, 2000: 56). This definition suggests that our main roles as a teacher are facilitating the transmissions of knowledge and creating conditions in which students learn for themselves. This statement also suggests that the ultimate role of a teacher is helping students find out paths to develop their potential to enhance their cognitive, personal, social and physical development of students (Cole and Chan, 1994).

B. Understanding Language Learning

It has been known that English Language learning classroom in developing countries like in Indonesia face numerous of challenges coming from many different sources of factors such as large classes, students’ passivity, a lack of English proficient teachers and insufficient authentic teaching materials (Phelan and Hadisantosa, 2008). This condition has led many language practitioners to strive for a better condition by improving, especially, English teacher quality in teaching skill.

In response to the government policy through curriculum labeled as the competence based curriculum (CBC) or School Based Curriculum (SBC), teachers of English are encouraged to be competent in the teaching of the four major skills of English. This teaching skill, in general, is interrelated with our communication skill as teachers. Among many issues related to English language teaching, one of the important issues in English language teaching is the ability of English teachers to encourage students to use rather than to study the language, to talk in English rather than talk about it.

As a teacher, our main job is teaching our students English. We teach them how to communicate in English as the target language. To do this, communication skill is an important asset for us. The ability to communicate our ideas in an appropriate way helps us work better in our classroom. As communication skill is indispensable, it is therefore urgent for us, teachers, to keep sharpening our communication skill.

To understand more about the nature of teacher...

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