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Miller Lite Brings Back Its White Label, Possibly Also Its Mojo”
Miller’s decision to go back to original packaging was made for purposes of increasing sales.MillerCoors made the white cans permanent after replacing the blue ones that have been in existence since 2001.
The new design created an effect of people thinking that they are not buying the same old Miller Lite hence found their sales considerably low. Several advantages are associated with using the same brand name for products that are new. The brand name being well established, the firm will be able to spend less in developing consumer awareness of the brand and associations for the new products.
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Consumers might consider the extension credible incase the fit between the product categories is high.
Firms need to evaluate and consider consumer perceptions of core brand attributes and seek out attributes that are similar for the extension. This is because brand-specific associations are crucial for extensions.
Firms also need to refrain from having the brand name extended to too many products and categories involved in order to avoid the brand being diluted or getting damaged. Equity will thus be achieved. This makes it possible for various properties to be lent successfully.
Firms need to consider if the brand extension might get distanced from the core brand. This would auger well especially if the firm wants to some but all brand associations that have been in existence.
Starbucks made sense to their esteemed customers when they introduced their line of instant coffee. This was made possible when they evaluated and figured out how well it would fit the product class as to that of extension .This made Starbucks considered as very credible.
HP printers got itself associated with reliability and its performance to the consumers perceived their brands and they made it possible to extend their brands. Consumers actually expected that certain attributes of the brand would come out same.
Donald Trump was quite successful when he lend his in some of his lines of television and property. He was however not successful with extending himself to steaks of brands.

Changing packaging has helped the brand in a great way. The importance of packaging is that it makes it easy for a product to stand out in crowd when competing with several other brands. Although it might be difficult for consumer packaged goods, it is necessary and updating their packages to make them more appealing and eye catching.
Packaging is a crucial brand element as it has physical benefits than other brand elements. Having attracted customer’s attention, product needed to stand out from their competitors. Promotional tool is offered and allows the same product to appeal to different markets.
It was very necessary to change packaging as it would reposition the product. This change would make it possible for attracting a new target market or rather appear more up to date.
Packaging changes are made to make the product more ecological in that for it to fit well in the competitive marketplace, it actually has to be a brand that can associate with less harmful impact on the environment. This would translate to the brand earning a significant competitive advantage and thus induce consumers to purchase in good conscience.
Packaging has highly helped in saving costs as it makes it cost efficient. When the packages are being shipped, they get protected during transit. It also aids in loading and...

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