How To Do A Dropkick Essay

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How –to do a drop kick

By Megan Reed


I am going to explain to you soccer players one easier way to do a drop kick. I hope for those of you who didn’t know how when you are finished you will now know. This is going to be an explanatory paragraph.

Materials needed:

❖ 1 Soccer ball

❖ Cleats

❖ Knee high socks

❖ Shin guards

❖ Soccer ball air pump

❖ A goal box or target to aim at ……. it should be a big enough target so that the ball can hit it or it can even be a goalie box.

❖ Neon pink or silver duck tape … that you can mark were the soccer ball lands every time (your pick but ...view middle of the document...

Now for your second step you are going to set up your goal or target that you are going to aim at. After you are done doing that make sure your ball has enough air so that you don’t have to stop why you are practicing and make sure your ball has no holes in it ether. Now that those two things are done you should be ready for step three.

Third you are going to get your shine guards on and you and now you should be about ready to start your activity. Now you are going to sit on the grand and stretch out your muscles and once you feel you are stretched out enough you can go ahead a run one to two lap around the field. Now you should be about to get ready to start you practice. Fourth, now that you have exercised you should be ready to pump your ball and get ready to practice. Now pick up your ball or balls and take them to the line and line up the ball up with the cones.

Fifth you need to line up with the ball and pick up the ball. Once you have pick up the ball throw it up in the air and kick the ball. And see how far it goes and...

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