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How To Do A Tune Up

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NAME PROFESOR English 1A 23 February 2002 How To Avoid High Priced Automotive Tune-Ups! If you are a car owner who takes your automobile to the local garage for a tune-up you are needlessly spending too much money. The average car will need seven full engine tune-ups through out its 200,000 mile life. The cost of a full engine tune-up will very depending on the car, location, and engine type. The average cost of a full engine tune-up in the Santa Clara County is about $250.00. Throughout the life of your car that is almost $2,000.00 wasted on a task that can easily be done by the owner. A cars health is often poor before the owner will realize that the car is past due for a tune-up. ...view middle of the document...

In a full engine tune-up you should expect the mechanic to do all these steps and some more. A good garage will let you know what they are going to do before the ever touch you car. The cost of this tune up will run you about $250.00 dollars. Here is what you can expect: 1. Change Oil 2. Replace Oil Filter 3. Replace Air Filter 4. Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor 5. Replace Spark Plugs & Wires 6. Replace Fuel Filter 7. Replace Fan Belt 8. Replace PVC Valve 9. Rotate Tires 10. Flush The Radiator 11. Lube Fittings 12. Check Battery 13. Check Brakes 14. Check Fluids, Belts, & Hoses 15. Check Tire Pressure 16. Do Complete System Check In order for a car owner to do a successful tune up he or she must first know what they are tuning up. I will be describing how to tune up a 1990 Ford Mustang, but the tune up is comparable on every car. It is important to always let your car cool down before doing any kind of work on it. First the owner will need to open the engine compartment by releasing the latch under the hood. In most cars this is done by simply pulling on a lever inside the car, and under the steering wheel labeled ?HOOD? (or marked by a picture of a car with its hood open). Once the cars hood is open the engine will be exposed. The engine of a car is what we will be working on in a full engine tune up. As the owner you may want to take some time looking over the engine for any thing that seems to be leaking, cracked, or broken. Take a close look at all rubber hoses and belts for cracking and ware, replace if necessary. Checking the fluids on you engine is the single most important task an automobile owner should know how to do. The three major fluids you will need to check is the oil, water, and, transmission fluid. Look for a thin tube that is coming out of the block of the engine with a loop or handle at the end. This should be easy to see and may be a different color then you engine or labeled ?OIL?. This is called the oil stick, and you will need to pull it up and wipe off the excess fluid and dip it back into the engine. The second pull will revile the amount of oil in the engine. On most cars with an automatic transmission you will find a similar stick for the transmission fluid, but the stick should be a different color or read ?TRANSMISSION FLUID?. To check the fluid for the transmission you will need to have you engine running, simply start the car and do the same as you did for the oil. Owners who have cars with standard transmissions may not have a stick to check their fluid, for most cars with a standard transmission checking their transmission fluid is not necessary. Checking the fluids on you engine should be done at least once a month. A good car owner will replace the oil filter and change the oil as well as replace the air filter on their automobile every three months...

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