How To Format A Hard Drive

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How to Format Your Hard Drive
You had a long day at work; the traffic is bumper to bumper on the freeway. You are almost home and you get pulled over and cited a speeding ticket. You finally get home and get on your computer to research some lawyers to get out of that speeding ticket and your computer seems to be not acting right. Well it is time to format the hard drive.
If you are like most computer owners, you understand how frustrating and expensive a computer can be. Taking your computer to the repair shop and paying high technician fees can be a thing of the past. Follow my directions and you will not ever have to worry about keeping your computer running again.
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Type the name of the file and click on A-drive 3.5 floppy. Do this with everything that you do not want to lose. When you have finished saving, take a deep breath.
Now you are ready to format your hard drive. The next two steps scare most people. Do not worry; if you have saved all the information correctly; this should be no problem. To format your hard drive, start by clicking on the start button. Next, click on shutdown. Finally, click on start in D.O.S. mode. The computer will shut down and restart. It will restart in D.O.S. mode, which means that all you will see on your screen is a c-prompt. A c-prompt is the letter c followed by a colon, a backslash, the word Windows, and an arrow pointing to the right. It should look like this “c:>.” The curser should be blinking to the right of the arrow. Type in CD followed by two periods. The command looks like this “C:> cd..” Cd tells your computer that you want to change the directory. Now, your c-prompt should look like this “c:.” Let's format!
At your c: or c-prompt type format c:. The computer will warn that you are about to erase all of your files. Hit the enter button. This tells the computer that yes, you know what you are doing and that you want to do it. During the formatting process, your computer will show the percentage that is finished. When it is 100%, the computer will ask what you would like to name your c-drive and what volume of information is left on the hard drive. If you want to name your c-drive type in the name of what you would like to call it. If it is left...

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