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How To Format Your Paper

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|How To Format Your Academic Paper Using Microsoft Word™ 2007 |

a. Create new document
c. Margins should be set at 1” on all sides
d. HOME > FONT > Font: Arial or Calibri > Size: 11

c. Font: Arial or Calibri > Font Size: 10
d. Type your SURNAME / Essay Title / Alt+Shift+P (for auto page no.)

a. INSERT > Table > 2x1
b. Right click on the table > Select AUTOFIT > Autofit to Window
c. Click the table’s LEFT cell. Press CTRL+L
e. Click on the table’s RIGHT cell. Press CTRL+R
f. Type DATE OF SUBMISSION (Month DD, YYYY) Type of Requirement ...view middle of the document...

1. Right click on the document body
2. PARAGRAPH > Change the following values:
• ALIGNMENT > Justified
• INDENTATION > Left: 0, Right: 0 > SPECIAL: First line > BY: 0.5
• SPACING > Before: 0, After: 6pt > LINE SPACING: 2.0
• Start typing your text!
|REY, Ray D. |February 14, 2010 |
|BSIT / 201005389 |Midterm Paper |
|Eng 2 / MKT-11 |Word Count: 253 |

Format Your Title Like This

Welcome to English 2. You probably enrolled in this class to improve your English communication skills. If you expect to speak and write good English at the end of the semester, you will have to study the rules of English grammar and idiom on your own, the same way that you study algorithms and formulas for physics and math.

There will be no repetitive grammar drills in this class. The best way to learn a language is through exposure (reading and listening) and everyday use (speaking and writing). We will focus on writing short samples of basic academic discourse (description, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, argumentative) and examine texts to analyze paragraph development.

Ideally, this will also improve your critical thinking skills. At the very least, English 2 should prepare you for the many papers you will be required to write during your stay in this institution. I hope that by the end of the trimester, you will have a better grasp and appreciation of the English language than you did in high school.

Make sure that you follow the manuscript format required by your instructor. You have both the instruction sheet (“How To Format Your Academic Paper”) and a sample page, which you’re reading right now. Unless you use a typewriter, there is no reason why your papers should not look like this. Save your creativity for the essays that you will write for class, not for choosing wacky fonts (e.g. Jokerman or Comic Sans) or fiddling with page formatting to make your essays look longer.

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