How To Involve Students And Maintain Their Interest In Lessons

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Language reflects life. Teaching a language should then varied as living. Teachers should try to use different approaches and techniques and choose the one that best suited the subject matters, the environment, the students and themselves.A successful language teacher does not only use a good teaching method, possess certain qualities that help them to move towards the 'ideal'. A successful language teacher should also take into consideration of how to teach students to learn effectively by themselves and with others. Teachers provide knowledge and guidance for students in class, so it is extremely important for teachers to consider the seven following methods in order to help their students ...view middle of the document...

The language taught need to be meaningful, manageable and useful. In this way, students will get to know more about each other and more important is, teachers can know more about their students. This can be achieve easily by allowing more discussions in class, reduce teacher talk or develop a topic that students would like to talk about.Maintain interest by controlling the pace an varietyTry different speed in teaching and see which suits students the most Teachers should not teach too slow or fast. Monotony should be avoided because it will produce sleepiness. So, teachers should always be aware of the student's reaction. If teachers found no feedback from the class, they should right away shift to something new and more interesting in order to catch back students' attention. Some suggestion of that is to play some games or sing songs that are related to the subject that teachers are teaching. In this way, students were allowed to relax and entertain themselves in class.Help them to overcome their psychological barrierAware of students' psychological barriers and give help. It is very important for students to feel comfortable and well looked-after. Teachers need to give support and advice to them whenever possible. They should...

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