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How to play paintball. To play paintball you need a certain game like captor the flag our tag. You also need a paintball gun. The paintball gun will throw the paintball at what ever you want to hit with the paintball. Paintball takes more than one person. If you want to play paintball you will need a paintball gun and some paintballs.You will need to load the paintballs in to a hopper. Then you will need a C.o.2 tank it goes on the back of the paintball gun. The Co2 tank will power the gun. Then you need a mask when you have the mask you will have all the tools to play paint ball.· Step one- gets a ...view middle of the document...

· Step six- run you need to run from the other people with paintball guns try not to get hit The right way to take off your co2 tank · First step- unscrew your tank only three turns · Second step-fire the gun until the co2 sounds like its gone.· Third and final step for unscrewing co2 tank- unique the rest of the way.The way to clean your paintball gun after you use it.· Take the scrubber thing after you use it and water run it through the barrel off the gun.The different types of paint ball guns are.There is the infamies tippman they make the best paint ball guns.The angle is another great paint ball gun. you can buy paint ball guns were that you do not need co2 tank but instead you pump the gun for the energy to fire. Then there are accessories such as a double triggers witch let's you fire two paint balls at once.There are longer berlins that let fire farther. Then there are scopes you can put on the scope witch let you zoom in like a sniper. our give you more prosise aim there are guns that are made especially for beginners and there are special sniper guns. our quick combat guns in the wide world of paintball there are as many weapons and added. accessories as you can think of the best place to by paint ball stuff is at PB sports. if you need a refill in your co2 tank go to PB sports and ask the person working there for one he will refill it for a dollar.

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