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How To Solve The Healthcare Issue In The United States

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How Can We Solve Health Care Problems?

Health care is an immensely difficult problem in our society. Every industrialized country except the United States has national health
care for all of its citizens. There are currently 46 million American citizens who have no health care coverage. So, this means that when these people are sick or have a toothache, it will cost them a lot more money than it will cost those
of us who have health care coverage. As a result, they will be more likely to
put off going to the doctor or dentist and to not get any medical help at all.
Employers that help to pay health care costs are finding that they are being
put in a less competitive position because of rising health care costs. Employees are having a harder time paying for their health care. Many retired people living on moderate to lower incomes are needing to be on Medicare and use more and more of their retirement incomes to pay for ...view middle of the document...

That is why I would like to introduce a few new and effective ideas that would help people with no medical insurance receive health care. The current president or the next president, through the appointing of a bipartisan commission, could take the initiative to begin a national study and discussion of this social problem. Because the problem of health care is negatively affecting so many people in so many ways, it seems appropriate to seriously address this problem with new, bold, and creative thinking and discussion. No one knows what might be concluded by such a commission or congressional committee. The reason I say this is that even though there are many problems with the existing health care system and we, as Americans, are becoming increasingly aware of these problems, we still know there are barriers that will stand in the way of members of a commission or congressional committee tackling our health care problem in a new and creative way. Even if a commission or congressional committee is created, it does not necessarily follow that this group (or these groups if both are created) will be creative and innovative and will make bold visionary recommendations. If anything, we would predict that such an entity would, in all probability, be more tepid in its recommendations because existing vested interests could cripple any boldness and creativity. For example, President George W. Bush promoted health savings accounts, where people can put money in a tax-free savings account. This money can be used to pay for medical expenses that people’s regular high deductible health care plans do not cover. Also, there could be a low percentage of money taken from each check a person makes each month and put into a certain account that only can be touched for medical purposes. I believe this would be an effective solution to healthcare because many people do not have the means to pay for each doctors visit because of co-pays, deductibles, and prescriptions. If there were accounts like these created people would not have a choice but to have the money put into the accounts and they would be able to take advantage of the saved money for times when people need to see a doctor for accidents or even the smallest illness.

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