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How To Train For A Sports Marketing Position

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Sports Management Professional
Human Resource Management
Training Paper #6
The position of sports marketing professional will be obtained by someone with a degree in marketing; therefore the specific training needed to complete the duties of the job will be positioned around those objectives already learned throughout one’s past education. The following is an overview of what training actually is and it’s purpose. It also covers what training techniques will be used for a person obtaining the position of sports marketing professional for the Chicago White Sox.
Training and development are processes that attempt to provide an employee with information, skills, and an understanding of ...view middle of the document...

One wide-spread technique is the case method, which uses a written description of a real decision-making situation in the organization. This is similar to another technique called role-playing. In this tactic you act out a case situation to train for the position. The In-Basket Technique collects materials that include typical items from a specific manager’s mail, e-mail and a telephone list. The individual is managed and critiqued on the on the number of decisions made in the time allotted, the quality of decisions, and the priorities chosen for making them. Another method mentioned in the text is the Management games technique. Management games describes the operating characteristics of a company, industry or enterprise. Management games emphasize development f=of problem solving skills. Behavior modeling is a developmental approach for improving interpersonal skills. It is also known as interaction management or imitating modeling. There are four steps to this process, they include: Modeling, role-playing, social reinforcement, and transfer of training to the job. The last and final way to train individuals include outdoor-oriented programs.
It seems that now days more and more company’s are transferring training methods by using the internet. The White Sox Organization is much in favor of this method for people involved with its marketing organization. This is helpful with the organization’s “off-the-job training”.
The White Sox Organization’s marketing training program is very specific and orderly for the newly professional just entering the job market. The development and training will begin with an orientation specific to the employee. The operating manager will conduct the orientation at the complex. General information about the occupation will be handed out including information such as: job description, payroll information, sample of work-related projects, benefits information, and retirement programs. Individuals will...

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