How To Write A Prologue To A New Book

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“Begin the procedure doctor, this is not the time to disagree”, said the man lying down face up on the operating bed. The bright light above his head meant his eyes were in a squinting stance.
“I’m afraid my original concerns are resurfacing my old friend, I’m not sure I can go through with this”, the doctor was shaking like a leaf.
“If this is the only way to save him, then it is our only option, I am not, I repeat I am NOT about to let my brother die doctor”, the man’s anger was building.
“We’ve been friends for too long for you to make me take action against you doctor, now please will you just get on with the procedure, do it as a favour to me, your dearest friend, not as a ...view middle of the document...

“Don’t worry, I shall numb the pain myself, you know how it is when I am still.”
Switching on the manual button, the drill began revolving at breathtaking speed. The doctor lowered, penetrating the forehead of the man, who seemed to have grimaced with pain. An identical drill was lowered to the forehead of the man’s brother. The drills were connected by a giant processor attached to the ceiling of the lab. As the lights switched on and off and the sounds of the processor working sounded, the man let out a cry of pain.
“You’re hurting?”, cried the doctor, “I’m stopping the procedure now, I cannot let you die to save this scum’s life!”
Breathing heavily, the man managed to muster words together.
“If you interrupt the procedure doctor, you shall not live to see the hole in my head closed, so choose, either I hurt for a while and get my brother back, or you die. I know what I would pick, but then again, you are an eccentric old man.”, he said looking deeply into the doctors eyes.
The doctor thought he saw the grimace of pain turn into a hint of a smile.
But the smile quickly faded into nothingness, sending the doctor into panic mode, as the man had passed out. His words, it seemed, had used any energy he had left in his system. However, the panic he felt when seeing the man pass out was nothing compared to what he was about to be overwhelmed by. Smoke started coming out of the air vents of the processor. The doctor attempted to turn the oval buttons downwards, to switch the machine off. But nothing his shaking hands could do seemed to be able to switch off the machine. An ear deafening bang sent the doctor flying across the room.
The end was nigh.

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