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How To Write Academic Paper

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How to write academic paper

An academic essay is an important aspect of writing. McGibbson (2009) states that two
approaches can be utilized in such writings, firstly, deducing each stage of the article from a
basic premises and successive related premises. Another approach is to deal first with one set of
arguments then a second set thread and usually a third thread then the writer concludes by
linking the threads. In so doing aspects to be considered in writing should entail academic
precision, edited for compactness and good grammar as well as maintaining relevance, structure
, style and accuracy. The most recommended structure and style commonly used today is the
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In the literature review, the 1000 -1500 word represents the theoretical core of the article. Here ,
you look at what other researcher have done regarding the specific topic. Perry et al (2003:660)
describes literature review as a means to an end providing background to and serves as
motivation for the objectives and hypotheses that guide the research . The writer critically
evaluates, re organizes and synthesizes the work of others in a sense compiling and presenting
the conclusions in a concise, logical and reader friendly manner .

Next is the methodology section which has between 500-1000 words and it describes the steps
followed on the execution of the study and also gives a justification for the research methods
used. The details should enable the reader to evaluate the appropriateness of the methods and the
reliability and validity of the findings. Further the information should enable other researchers to
replicate your study, A.P.A(2001:17). This section comprises of three subsections as sampling,
data collection and measures. Feildman (2004:4), notes that the measurement should be
described in a systematic order first the independent variables then the dependent ones.

In the results, the writer summarizes the data collected for a study in the form of descriptive
Statistics and also reports the results of relevant inferential statistical analyses on the data. It
should convince as to which statistical analyses were conducted and why .

The final part is the discussion and Fieldman (2004:4) says it’s the most
important part as it’s the last thing read and has an impact on the perception of the
article. Its length is 1000 – 1500 words. Fieldman further says that this section should relate to
the study’s main purpose, summarize the results in relation to the objectives and also give an
explanation for unexpected findings. It also highlights the main limitations of the study plus
giving the direction for future research on the topic.

Other additional parts include the T.O.C,...

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