How Tv Shows Affect People Essay

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How TV Shows Affect People
TV shows are really powerful in the period of Information era. Mass media have become an important or even vital part of human lives. This is why people cannot think of a normal living without being addicted to the TV sets where TV shows are numerous. Television seems borderless today. In this respect, human behaviors and attitudes toward life are well dictated by what is shown on TV screens. As a result, high rates of violence and criminal activity in the US can be well related to the popularity of horror and action movies among Americans today. However, there is a positive side in that people watch TV shows. The outstanding TV series Friends is all about humor ...view middle of the document...

In my opinion, my sense of humor has become more sophisticated and savvy, so to speak. It takes me a moment to come up with something really funny in a definite situation while hanging out with my friends. In turn, it makes my friends really comfortable when they spend time with me. In fact, all of them feel like it is very interesting to spend time with me. However, this is not solely a merit of mine. Largely, it is because I could manage to get into the spirit of the show and its peculiarities in terms of how performers react to each other’s pranks, jokes, etc. This is why –it has become a part of my daily life, i.e. to travesty their manners as if they are mine.
One more assumption is that TV shows can have civic and democratic externalities (Mirrlees 74). In case with Friends, it is true. Needless to say, contemporary mass media industry is full of different TV shows that meet expectations of different audiences of viewers. It seems that contemporary mass culture is against good and positive TV shows choosing instead somewhat anti-intellectual and violent shows that aim at impacting people in a negative way. I always tried to avoid suchlike encounters while looking for something interesting on TV clicking the remote. Instead, Friends gave me an opportunity to thrive in my personal development as a personality.
The question is that even the most dramatic and negative events in my life could not affect me in the same negative way, as I was ready at that moment to think about life in a philosophical and humoristic way. Otherwise, there is no chance to live a happy life, because a person should be able to live with his/her problems and to solve them once in a while. Friends impacted me in this way. This TV show taught me how to look at a definite situation through rose-tinted glasses. In other words, when Joey or Chandler or somebody else says something weird and funny, it is always joyfully perceived by the rest, even though they might have no idea about what they heard. This manner to be wacky and to goof around is a way to forget about the cruelty of life and to start building a new life full of adventures, new encounters, and new sensations from the time spent with friends and other interesting and valuable people.
It goes without saying that people are likely to watch a particular TV show and then they tend to show their personal viewpoint on what makes this or that show so valuable and special to the society. However, people will be people and tastes usually differ. Nevertheless, it is obvious that everyone in America and other countries of the world has a positive attitude toward Friends thinking that it is one of the funniest shows ever broadcast on TV screens. Notably, to hear that would be true and close to the reality, because this TV show has a capacity to change people’s attitudes and behaviors for better, just like in my own case. Earlier, I seemed dull and uninteresting to my peers. However, no one would think about me as a...

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