"How Useful Is The Source, Dark Palace, By Frank Moorhouse To A Historian Studying The Depth Study, The Failure Of The Leagur Of Nations"

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How useful is the source Dark Palace by Frank Moorhouse to a historian studying the failure of the League of Nations.To determine whether or not the source, Dark Palace, is useful to a historian, the source perspective, interpretation, information, reliability and relevance to the depth study must be taken into account. Dark Palace by Frank Moorhouse is a historical fiction novel about a lady named Edith, who works for the secretariat within the League of Nations, in search of her identity as her marriage and the League begin to crumble before her eyes. Dark Palace is set between 1931 and the creation of the United Nations, in 1945. This time period saw the decline of the Leagues confidence ...view middle of the document...

Almost all events in the book are dramatised events from fact or official documents, thus a historian can understand the social and working conditions within the League as it begins to fail. Understanding that the book is a secondary source published in 2000 and that Moorhouse's facts are well documented, the interpretation by Moorhouse of the failure of the League can be justified as non existent because of the novels base upon factual information. Further to that, a number of factual historical notes which refer to the novel and other documents are referenced such as a Who is Who article relating the characters to people in real life and a diagram of the actual structure of the secretariat. The interpretation and perspective of the failure of the League of Nations, in Dark Palace, is thoroughly informative, as is the historical notes and documents also included in Dark Palace, and therefore provides an informative insight into the working and social conditions of the league.In order to evaluate the reliability of the source, Dark Palace, one must analyse the provenance of the source and cross-reference its information. The author, Frank Moorhouse, studied the League during his education, has used factual information and official documents to 'build' Dark Palace and has written a number of novels based on fact, including Grand Days which is also in relation to the League of Nations. As a secondary source published in 2000, Dark Palace incorporates primary sources such as quotes and also the Historical Notes (which is stated as fact) which can be cross-referenced and proven by the League of Nations internet site and linked sites. Throughout Dark Palace the substantial events which took place, such as the Disarmament Conference and the Abyssinian Crisis, are dated and described to an extent, these events can be cross-referenced with most League of Nations factual sources. The source Dark Palace can be deemed reliable as a thorough understanding of the period is shown along with factual Historical Notes and factually based storyline.Dark Palace impacts on ones understanding of the failure of the League of Nations by...

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