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How Will The Advancement Of Cyber Security Affect Communication On Social Media?

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Final Research Proposal

Introduction and Articulation of Problem or Topic:
I selected a Cyber Security topic because it is a big concern for me how my information
(the data) is stored online. This is a topic that everybody worries about because nobody knows
where the cloud is or who has access to it. It seems to me that every week there are new
headlines about hackers bringing an organization to its knees by doing things such as stolen
funds, bad publicity, and embarrassing revelations that are on the front page news. Then I ask
myself, how can we protect ourselves from these issues? I guess the best protection is for both
ends to implement plans and procedures or ...view middle of the document...

This domain is rapidly growing to become one of the most popular categories
of activities on the Internet. Social media has revolutionized both our personal and business lives
over the past five years (Holman). For instance, we can tweet crime reports to our local police
station in real time. Anyone can connect with companies on Facebook to keep them informed.
Someone could conduct extensive research on almost anybody and any company by trawling
through social media profiles such as LinkedIn. We can even arrange flash mobs and a single
tweet written in a few seconds can be read by tens of thousands of people within minutes. Social
networking has benefited from new internet technologies and new user behavior and has become
a matter of priority for web services. Questions have been raised on social sites including how
they create value for users and how users capture those values. Studies have also examined
revenue generation on social network sites through advertising, subscription, and transaction
models (Singh 22). But this development is changing our online identities, too. Most of us used
to have a single email address, but any one of us now has several online identities, some
complete with photos and employment history leaving all this information in the public domain
for billions to read. On the other hand, some businesses have struggled to grasp social media.
Many are unsure whether it constitutes a benefit or risk. Many companies simply enforced
outright bans, viewing social media as simply a way for employees to waste time during working
hours. Instead, employees can simply wait to use social media until they got home (Holman).


Furthermore, social media as an internet service can be an advantage for more leisure activities
as people can check the weather, traffic, travel information on social systems to allow ease of
travel, dining and recreation.
Our urban infrastructure is now under constant threat of cyberattack and a growing range
of disasters, both natural and man-made. Our privacy is under threat from an overzealous
response (Singh 23). Real places and city services are vulnerable to hackers, but we can protect
our water, power, transportation, and other vital systems by keeping the operating systems, antivirus and other critical software up to date. Security updates and patches are available for free
from major companies (Singh 24). Social Media Security is exceptional because it focuses on
technical details specific to the social media platforms, such as cross-site scripting, social media
malware, phishing, data profiling, geo-tagging, and evil twin attacks. Moreover, the increasingly
cutting-edge social media attacks concern IT professionals (Theodore). The amount of company
breaches demonstrates that organizations of all sizes and types are highly susceptible to security
attacks through social networking platforms and we need to have skilled a workforce ready to
prevent such attacks....

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