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IntroductionHewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services for business and home, and is focused on capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet and the emergence of the next-generation appliances, e-services and infrastructures. HP's corporate is located in Palo Alto, California. The company is lead by Carly S Fiorina who acts as chairman and CEO. As of October 2001 the company had a total employees of 88 thousand world wide, with more than five and forty sales and support offices and distributorships world wide in more than a 120 countries.HistoryIn 1939 HP was established by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in Palo Alto, California, ...view middle of the document...

As the company continues to innovate and grow, HP today focuses on three key areas of innovation: intelligent, connected devices, an always-on Internet infrastructure and applications that can be delivered over networks as e-services. These steps have helped HP move up the fortune 500 listings to number 13.Financial InformationExamining how HP has faired on the NYSE since the 1960's we can see that it is a company that has continually grown at a steady rate compared to the S&P 500. A couple of dips can be seen in the early 90's and 2000 due to recessions in both cases. As of last weak February 4th 2002 HP has exceeded expectations regarding earnings per share. The company has been able to beat expectations by 16 cents per share thanks to their ability to restructure their costs and expenses. Other tools that we can use to understand the health and possible future growth of the company can be seen in their 2000 annual report. The statement of earnings has shown continual signs of increase from over 36 billion dollars in 1999 to over 41 billion dollars in 2000. The statement of cash flows also shows continual increase in their net cash for operating activities, investing activities and financing activities.MarketingHewlett Packard Marketing and Sales has a great strength and reputation within the telecom industry. Hewlett Packard is a leading global provider of computing and imagining solutions and services for business and home. HP is focused on capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet and the proliferation of electronic devices. Their product range includes desktop and mobile PC's, servers, networking devices, CD writers, tape drivers, high-end jukeboxes, laser and inkjet printers, digital cameras, scanners and large range format printers.Its marketing and branding strategy will change in keeping up the parent company's focus on the HP brand as a whole compared with the products brands. " Previously brands were marketed by the product divisions, which owned the brands. Now there will be much more of an emphasis on the end customer, whether it's a household, a small company or a corporate entity." The company is attempting to popularize the HP brand, as "it stands for innovation and product quality."No doubt HP's existing strategy should remain intact. Its successful execution alone will position the company to compete with IBM and Sun over the next several years. However, the success of any strategy that the new HP/Compaq develops for its RISC-based OS's depends on the success of Itanium in the marketplace.Strategic MergerOn September 3, 2001, Hewlett Packard announced its plans to merge with the Compaq Computer Corporation. The merger, which will create an $87 billion global technology leader, will retain the Hewlett Packard name. Current HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina will maintain her titles in the newly combined company, while Michael Capellas, chairman and CEO of Compaq, will become president of the new HP. Capellas has...

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