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Hr Lessons Essay

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Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that lead to superior performance. These are formed through an individual/organization’s knowledge, skills and abilities and provide a framework for distinguishing between poor performances through to exceptional performance. Competencies can apply at organizational, individual, team, and occupational and functional levels. Competencies are individual abilities or characteristics that are key to effectiveness in work. Competencies are the characteristics of a manager that lead to the demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance within an organizational area. Once the job requirements have been ...view middle of the document...

Some teachers have good communication skills, some of them have excellent presentation skills, some of them have expert knowledge in their area of specialization through their long terms of service in some organization and some of them have the competencies to understand their students and their social, emotional, and intellectual needs

List down some of the competencies of a teacher/leader that has inspired you the most?

It can be helpful to think of competencies in terms of an iceberg. Technical competencies are at the tip - the portion above the waterline that is clearly visible (and therefore easier to assess). Behavioral competencies are below the waterline - they are more difficult to assess, and often harder to develop. Behavioral competencies can be understood as manifestations of how a person views him or herself (self-image), how he or she typically behaves (traits), or motives him or her (motives).

Skill: - A person's ability to do something well. For example, is great at using Microsoft Word. Knowledge: - Information that a person uses in a particular area. For example, this might differentiate the outstanding waiter or waitress who speaks many languages from his or her average counterpart in a restaurant with an international clientele. Self-image: - A person's view of him or herself, identity, personality and worth. For example, seeing oneself as a leader, or as a developer of people. Trait: - A typical aspect of a person's behavior. For example, being a good listener. Motive: - What drives someone's behavior in a particular area (an underlying need for achievement, affiliation or power).

As global business competition shifts from efficiency to innovation and from enlargement of scale to creation of value, management needs to be oriented towards the strategic use of human resources. Under these circumstances, the ability of companies to effectively carry out competencybased human resources management (HRM) is becoming more and more crucial for their survival. A competency based HRM system captures the differing worth of individual contributors, facilitates multiple career paths and allows flexibility in reward-related decisions, which are important to address with the changing nature of organizations. The field of competency development is growing in popularity with administrative management in businesses and agencies worldwide. One important reason to collect data and build competency models is that they are powerful decision-making tools. Reasons why competencies are needed: • The best way to understand performance is to observe what people actually do to be successful rather than relying on assumptions pertaining to trait and intelligence. The best way to measure and predict performance is to assess whether people have key competencies. Competencies can be learnt and developed. They should be made visible/accessible They should be linked to meaningful life outcomes that...

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