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HR Unit 2 IP
Donecia Collins
Survey of Human Resource Management
MGMT315 - 1303B - 01
Lillian Lynn
September 27, 2013

HR Unit 2 IP
An internal process to design jobs that properly describe the duties and responsibilities of the position and comply with ADA:
First of all, the organization should conduct extensive job analysis to identify objective information related to the skills, competencies and experience required to perform a particular job. Based on the job analysis, the job description should clearly spell out the specific skills, experience and competencies and the responsibilities/tasks associated with a particular job position. The job description should also mention other details about the job such as working conditions, use of technology tools and other equipment, relationship with other ...view middle of the document...

The recruitment process should be free from any form of bias or favoritism and should ensure that all the potential candidates should get equal chance of being selected for the position. As a disclaimer, the organization should also clarify its stance on ADA and convey to potential candidates that the company is an equal opportunity employer and it does not discriminate on grounds of gender, disability, religion, ethnic background, etc.
The recruitment and selection process comprising of written tests, personal interviews and other screening tests should be designed in such a manner that it does not favor any candidate on the basis of factors such as gender, religion, language, disability, etc. All the potential candidates should get a fair change of displaying their skills, knowledge and experience related to the job. The questions asked in personal interviews or screening tests should be job related and should provide equal opportunity to all candidates to demonstrate their ability to perform the essential functions of the job position with or without reasonable accommodation.
An organization cannot ask questions to candidates regarding their disability during the selection process. Further, they cannot give preference to disabled candidates in the selection process.
It is essential for the organization to develop the recruitment and selection process by evaluating the job analysis and the feedback/opinions of other employees. This process helps the organization to evaluate the employees on the basis of their ability to perform the essential function of the job and helps in preventing any bias or favoritism in the selection process.

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