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Methods of Evaluation
Hines employs various methods to identify and evaluate candidates for positions throughout the firm. There are two tracks for the application process. One of those are for internal applications and referrals. Internal Applicants enjoy the convenience of viewing jobs before they are open to external applicants (with the exception of referrals). Hines has an intranet which only current employees have access to. On the Human Resources page, there is a link for Internal Job Postings. Here, employees can view job postings in the North American region of the company. When an employee applies for an open position, it is a simple process. They must fill out a ...view middle of the document...

After this initial screening, an applicant will either receive an email from HR telling them that their background meets the requirements of the position or that their background does not meet the requirements of the position. If you receive an affirmative response, then you are told to expect further communication from regional management regarding an interview. It can take up to a month to hear back regarding an interview. For property management positions, the interview is with the Vice President of Property Management, for engineering positions, the interview is with the Engineering Portfolio Manager, and for accounting positions the interview is with the Senior Controller. If this interview is successful, as a courtesy, the Senior Vice President may also interview the applicant. However, the final decision rests with the person who conducted the initial in person interview. At that point, the employee would be given a transfer date which is typically within a week or less and they would begin their new position. If the building is a government building, then the applicant would be required to adhere to the clearance process that is in place there. After the initial referral by the employee, a referred applicant would be treated the same as an external applicant.
For external applicants the process is a bit longer. External applicants may apply for jobs online only. Once an applicant is selected and they have been prescreened by HR. If HR decided to continue them through the process, they will meet with the management of the building that they will be working in. After that interview, depending on the position they are applying for they will meet with a senior manager. A conditional offer will be extended if the manager decides to hire the applicant. The conditional offer is pending a background investigation and reference checks.
There is no way to know if the interviews are reliable and valid. In regard to external applicants, it is a bit easier because there is no apparent bias. However, with referrals and internal applicants, there could easily be bias. For example, I was an administrative assistant who entered the company with a bachelors degree and half way to my first masters degree. I was working in one of the largest building in DC that the company managed and was able to make connects with senior management very early on. Needless to say, I was already a well known and favorite of the managers. I was consistently asked to assume special responsibilities such as go pay tax bills for all our DC offices that the other admins were not asked to do. So by the time I...

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