Hr Scorecard Essay

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Resources
through the HR scorecards
Audience :
Executives, directors, middle managers, and team leaders involved in or affected by the need to achieve organizational success, as well as those who decide and implement organizational change.
It is suitable for those with organizational re-engineering experience as well as for new practitioners.
The course will be of benefit to all those who have responsibility for the ‘output’ of others including, superintendents, senior managers, HR Managers, Current and Future Managers as well as Current and Future Supervisors
This course will provide participants with a sound foundation for ...view middle of the document...

Why Attend..!!

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will:

• Know the concepts of Balanced Scorecard

• Understand the phases of integrated performance measurement

• Appreciate the uses and benefits of a range of measurement tools
• Understand the implementation issues for an integrated performance measurement system
• Understand how individual, departmental and organizational goals link and align
• Review the similarities between BSC and performance management
• Review best practices and how to overcome obstacles to using a BSC
• Focus on HR strategic Directions and how HR Balanced scorecard & performance measures can contribute to achieving corporate goals & strategy success.
• Be able to practice the approaches to integrated performance measurement
• Understand the three levels of performance - organization, process and activity
• Constantly assess their own organization's integrated performance measurement strengths and weaknesses ( SWOT Analysis )
Course Outline
➢ Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard
• Review the history of the Balanced Scorecard
• The Balanced Scorecard and the strategy focused organizations
• Components of the Balanced Scorecard
• HR Balanced Scorecard
• Performance management and the elements of performance management systems
• Mission statements and communicating organization values.
• Motivation and organization culture, including ethical and value-related issues.
• Change management, and the reasons for resistance to change.
• Competencies - both technical/professional and generic.
• Competency development and the learning organization.
• Reward management - pay, pay variation and job evaluation.
• Setting performance Measures
• HR Measures and Key performance Indicators
• Using the Balanced Scorecard for setting individual performance goals – Activity
➢ How to Implement an Integrated Performance Measurement System
➢ How to approach and Implement the HR scorecard
Day 1:
Introduction and Objectives
The Balanced Scorecard – What is it? And how can it help the Organization?

1. The Concept of Balanced Scorecard
· Basic Design of a Balanced Scorecard Performance System
· Why a Balanced Scorecard?
· The Balanced Scorecard - Strategic Control
· Relationship of Balanced Scorecard to other Concepts

2. Building a Balanced Scorecard
· Thinking in terms of process
· The Process of building a Balanced Scorecard
· Cases from different industries
· Important Issues in the Building Process
· Scorecards as management control
· Measures and their causal relations
· The enabling role of Information Technology

Day 2:

3. Implementing a Balanced Scorecard Approach
· Systems thinking and application
· Systems and IT Solutions for Scorecards
· Towards a Learning Organization
· Using Scorecards to Inform...

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