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Speaker Notes
Slide 1: Introduction: Today we will be addressing the advantages of implementing an employee performance evaluation program and look at the advantages to the company from its use. We will also be talking about succession planning which aligns itself neatly with the evaluation program. Often Employee evaluations are seen as something burdensome by managers and useless or unfair by the direct reports who have been evaluated. Today we will address some of these concerns and look specifically at: benefits of employee evaluations, pre-appraisal activities/benefits, proper delivery of appraisal results, using evaluations to build value for the company, follow up process and ...view middle of the document...

The bottom line for managers is that by delivering effective reviews they create an environment less likely to be susceptible to frequent turn over and can avoid legal issues of discrimination or unfair labor.
Slide 3: So what pre-appraisal activities will ensure the performance appraisal process is beneficial to the employee and the company?
Imagine a widget production line worker. She starts her shift at 9:00 o’clock. She arrives to her station on time. She does the physical expectations of her job and clocks out at the end of the day at 6:00 o’clock pm. If no professional expectations are given then she has no idea if her performance is adequate, below average or above average. Before a manager should even attempt to provide an official appraisal of her performance a sit down meeting with the employee needs to take place. At this meeting several key elements should be addressed. Specifically, the production minimums required by the company, what the average widget maker is producing, and what the manager’s expectations are for this specific employee. The employee should also be given a chance to discuss what she has set as professional goals to be accomplished throughout the year. The benefit to the employee is that they have clear expectations going into the review with measurable results. The company enjoys better production from its employees who are working throughout the year to meet the set expectations.
Slide 4: What could go wrong when giving feedback to the employee during the delivery of the performance appraisal?
a. Meeting logistics: It is critical to set enough time aside to allow for meaningful discussion on the areas of employee performance and goal setting. Having a meeting in an area that is full of distractions, not private or allows for constant interruption is counterproductive to a meaningful appraisal. Consideration to allowing for enough time for the employee to prepare for the evaluation should also be considered. The employee should be given the chance to conduct a personal evaluation which gives specific examples of strengths and weaknesses. Of other significant import is to have the employee describe what their aspirations are for career development. Through understanding that everyone is motivated differently and aspirations are as individual as the employees themselves, the manager must dig deep to weigh the importance of each career goal. The evaluator must not walk in the pitfall of not allowing for the right meeting place, too short of time allotted, short preparation time and wrong location.
b. Advising the employee: The single biggest mistake poor evaluators make is they do all the talking. This is really an opportunity for the employee to express what their performance measurements represent. It is also the time to turn their innate talents into performance through guiding the discussion into goal setting for the upcoming year. A common shortcoming of evaluators is not setting...

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