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In the field of human resource management the most controversial and challenging part is international human resource management. Because of complex international management it is essential to place the right person on right position with right skills.
In international HRM the most challenging the issue is the management of the expatriates. The organizations should try to minimize the cost of expatriate assignment; the organizations should screen the individuals which are most suitable for international assignments in order to increase the chances of a successful assignment and the organizations should provide comprehensive compensation and benefits that are competitive in ...view middle of the document...

Each of these methods has its own strengths and weaknesses therefore it is recommended by the research scholars to use combination of these methods (Black et. al. 1999). Another important factor that should be considered in selection phase is that who is going to evaluate the applicants. Usually the line managers play active role in this act. The human resource management department’s role is usually suppressed and it plays an after-the-fact role, this means they are involved after the line manager confirmation about the technical knowledge, skills and abilities of the potential candidates. They decide upon his remuneration package and other terms and conditions (Black et al., 1999).
The selection of Expatriate at Coca Cola Company starts when there is some vacancy abroad due to lack of some local talent or the vacancy should be filled by a manager with international experience. The selection process is not defined with set rules and standards in Coca Cola Company. Different international assignments have different selection criterion. Most of the time the selection criteria is that experience of exact or similar international experience is required.
Moreover, Coca Cola Company has altered its method of selecting expatiates. Earlier the company use to send experienced executives as expatriates now the company is interested in sending capable younger employees of the organization.
Coca Cola typically considered the suggestion and recommendations of candidates for expatriation. Significant characteristics of the candidates enhance his opportunity to be chosen, and can likewise raise the issues for example, losing some employee within the department or whether it can give advantage later on. Coca Cola Company informs the expatriates that toward the end of assignment they will return home and they will have their occupation back, which gives expatriates secure feeling once they leave the international assignment.
HR Challenge:
The research studies have depicted that cross-cultural trainings are very useful for expatriates. It was depicted in research studies that these training programs have positive influence on the performance of expatriates (Tungli & Peiperl, 2009).
Ferraro (2007) indicated that expatriate perceive cross-cultural training as superficial and its time duration as limited. This is very challenging for international human resource managers as they have to decide that the type of training they are providing to expatriate is meaningful or not. The HR managers also have to motivate and convince the expatriate about the need and objectives of training to make the training program more effective and valuable. This is also a major reason for expatriate failure as he does not take the training seriously.
International training and development is an important aspect of IHRM. This activity provides the training that is necessary to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish...

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