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Hrm Function Essay

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HRM Function and Organizational culture in ACH d.d. – essay
HRM function in my company is aware that satisfied, skilful and motivated employees play a key role in the achievement of company goals. Therefore, it strives to create for its employees, a stimulating working environment and devotes attention to innovativeness and creativity. Employees are treated as competitive power, as key factor for success.
In line with high expectations towards employees, ACH provides us with the opportunity to systematically develop our professional and personal potential. In co-operation with employee’s superiors, HRM function regularly co-ordinate their professional ambitions with the Company’s goals and actively participate in the planning of their own career paths.
Within the framework of career development, ACH, d.d. developed two processes geared towards professional and personal growth of ...view middle of the document...

The lectures are delivered by in-house and outsource experts covering theoretical subjects as well as their practical application in ACH's working environment. The Academy offers programmes for managerial employees, promising employees and top management.
Developmental assignments
Developmental assignments are brought in line with the development plan which is drawn up in conjunction with the employees. After having successfully completed an individual development and educational programme, an employee may be promoted to a more demanding post or to a post which is better tailored to his or her newly acquired competence, knowledge, abilities and skills. The employee may be reassigned to another organisational unit or to another business activity within the Company; and if acceptable to both parties – even to one of the subsidiaries.
In the framework of the annual plan the employees may also participate in various training programmes such as finance, HR, computer science, foreign languages etc.
Organizational culture is based on respect for co-workers, mutual trust and direct communications. Employees are always aware that when in public, they are representatives of ACH, d.d., also in situations outside the office.

Important element of ACH’s corporate culture is social life. Employees enjoy each other’s company also outside business premises. We meet on cultural events organised by the Business Academy, on matches of the ACH Volley club and as well as in our "in-house" football club.

ACH, d.d. provides long-term security to its employees through a voluntary pension insurance scheme.  Premiums for employees are paid by the company in the highest permitted percentage: 5.84% of the base pay.
Other advantages and benefits depend on the status and position within the company. For example occasional medical examinations by specialist doctors and tickets to cultural and sports events are offered to all employees free of charge. Other benefits such as use of company vehicles or various forms of health insurance depend on the fact of how demanding a position is.

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