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Hrm Integration Essay

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Nicole Karow-McBroom
April 24, 2010
HRM: 310
Professor Schultz Ph.D.

Training and Employee Development in the Workforce

One of the most important areas in Human Resource Management is the area of employee training and development. From the point of being hired all the way up to the point of separation, training is essential in order to keep employee skills sharp, updated and help decrease turnover and increase retention. The ultimate goal of a Human Resource system is to ensure the effectiveness of a company’s mission and competitive edge using its employees. Having been a training manager for our district with my previous employer, I witnessed just how much of an effect a good ...view middle of the document...

A company puts a lot of time, money and energy into recruiting and hiring the best employee for the open position. Once that employee is brought on board, it is important that the company provides the associate with a good training program and continues to develop them throughout their employment with the company. Training costs will actually lessen with each employee that is trained properly. First, the company should think about the fact that “Training can have a considerable influence on company finances as there are several potential training costs that companies may incur”. (Brum 2007/2006) It does cost money to implement the program, however, “once a training program is completed, worker productivity is expected to increase. The benefits will be to the company, due to an increase in worker output and productivity, and to the worker, as the increase in output should translate into higher wages and opportunities for career advancement”.
Second, “The HR system’s staffing, training and development practices contribute to the development of employee competencies that enhance competitive advantage and help to ensure organization and employee fit”. (Castellano). A good fit will help the employee feel welcome and valued. “A company loses all of its investment should an employee terminate the relationship upon completion of training”. (Brum 2007/2006) The investment includes not only the monetary compensation, but also the non-monetary benefits that the employee may have been allowed, thus, costing the company much more than it would have.
Next, “training is a way for you to improve staff skills and avoid the additional costs that come with having to hire new people to find those skills”. (Tobin, Pettingell, 2008). Not everyone is great at performing certain tasks, however, with training existing employees, the company can eliminate the need to look outside and hire someone with the necessary skills. This is especially useful when dealing with older workers looking to retire. Instead of recruiting and hiring a new employee to replace them, the company will already have a current employee that they have developed and will be able to take over the position, leaving the company in less financial stress.
The company should assess the effectiveness of its training program by determining if some key features are present in their employees. Does the training program help the employee? “The premise behind reciprocity is that an employee will help the organization, because the organization helped to employee”. (Brum 2007/2001) Does the program provide “Training that builds a sense of debt to the organization [that] will lead to an increase in commitment”? (Brum 2007/1987/1977) “The more an employee is able to identify themselves to the organization, the more likely they will be committed. The stronger the identification to an organization and its goals, the stronger the commitment will be”. (Brum 2007/1987/1977)

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