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Executive Summary

This report is focused on the article “Employment Terms in Bangladesh”. In this article many terms of ELSOA (Employment Of Labor Standing Orders Act, 1965) were described. The focus was in employment contracts and termination. In this article different legislation of employment were discussed describing where it has to be implemented and how. We tried our utmost effort to understand and analyze those issues. We tried to figure out utility of ELSOA in different organizations of Bangladesh. We have also discussed human resource trends in this country. We tried to understand how employment terms works in different private organization. Employment termination rules and ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning of 21st century many company partially started HR practices. Companies comprehended the necessity of HRM to get competitive advantage. In this way, many organizations like BSHRM (Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management) was established which promoted HRM then & later on. Hence, in the Higher educational curriculum of Bangladesh HRM was introduced as a prominent subject back in 2003-2006. To give better understanding of HRM BiHRM (Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management) was established in 2003. Nowadays most of the company in Bangladesh have HR department.

As an important aspect of an organization HRM practices have some regulation & organizations need to abide by them. One of the regulations regarding HRM is ELSOA (Employment of Labor Standing Orders Act, 1965).

Regulation regarding Employment
In Bangladesh HR practices are still adolescent compared to developed world. Though, in terms of employment contract and termination there are legislation to be followed. To conduct HR practices precisely there are some legislation for companies. ELSOA (Employment of Labor Standing Orders Act, 1965) regulate termination of employment in Bangladesh. The ELSOA applies to all shops, commercial and industrial establishments (as defined by the Shops and Establishments Act, 1965), as well as all other industrial establishments where five or more workers are employed.
The ELSOA excludes from its scope shop workers or persons employed in commercial or industrial enterprises owned and directly managed by the State (sec. 1, ELSOA). The public servants are covered by the Government Servants’ Conduct Rules. This act precisely describes contracts of employment & termination of employment.
Here is the classification of workers and period of probation -
(1) A worker employed in any shop or commercial or industrial establishment shall be classified in any of the following classes according to the nature and conditions of work and in the manner provided in this Act -
• (a) Apprentices.
• (b) Badlis.
• (c) Casual.
• (d) Permanent.
• (e) Probationer, &
• (f) Temporary.
The period of probation for a worker whose function is of clerical nature, shall be six months and for other workers such period shall be three months, including breaks due to leave, illegal lock-out or strike (not being an illegal strike) in the shop or commercial or industrial establishment, provided that in the case of a skilled worker, the period of probation may be extended by an additional period of three months if, for any circumstances, it has not been possible to determine the quality of his work within three months' period of his probation.
Focal Facts
There are three main types of termination of employment at the initiative of the employer as defined in the ELSOA: discharge for incapacity, dismissal for misconduct and retrenchment for redundancy. These statutory rules are applicable to workers who have been...

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