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Hrm Student Essay

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1. Role of Government in tourism
The role of local government is to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural well–being of their communities and their involvement in tourism must be related to that. The LGUs have the mandate to craft their own tourism plan which sets out the priorities over the medium to longer term and how the local authority intends to contribute to community well–being. The plan must set out the following the community outcomes as a result of tourism development, how these have been identified and how the local authority will contribute to these. The Local Government Tourism Strategy may contribute to economic development strategies and or ...view middle of the document...

d. Control of activities of private travel agencies: - To ensure the appropriate standards of quality and services of the travel agents in terms of efficiency, comfort, economy and protection is maintained.
e. Publicity over-seas: - It includes advertisements for publicity of all kinds (print media, electronic media) public relation, distribution of print material.
f. Technical and Judicial: - Technical problems are concerned with the development and maintenance of various services, infrastructure, adequate facilities/amenities, tourist destinations etc. Judicial problems may concern with the administration etc.
g. International relations: - To develop international understanding while bringing diverse people face to face, develop social cultural values/understandings among all the people of the world making friends to set a good image of the world making friends to set a good image of the country at international level.
h. Overall tourism policy and promotion: - Beneficial affects of tourism in general, national development, economical and social both. Reutilization of profits for development and maintenance.

4. What is Regional Tourism Organization?
RTOs are usually private sector membership based organisations. Members include accommodation
providers, attractions businesses, tours and cruises, hospitality outlets, sporting facilities, meetings
facilities and many other tourism-related businesses.

RTOs have a Board of...

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