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Hrm240 Human Resources Final Essay

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Human Resources
Amber Hesler
October 3, 2010
Elena Withers

Human Resources
Executive Summary
The materials following this summary will aid human resources in selecting, training, and developing successful, productive employees for a successful business. The importance of job analysis and the recommended procedures of creating the analysis are mapped out here for you.
Tips for employee selection processes have also been included. We must remember to review candidate employees from different options available to us. For high-level position like district manager, we prefer to promote within our company this gives dedicated employees a chance for advancement but we must ...view middle of the document...

Interview Questions
Following is a list of interview questions, these questions should be asked at the time of the interview.
1. What can you tell me about yourself?
2. Why did you choose this profession for your career?
3. How did you find yourself here with me today?
4. What makes you feel you are the right person for the position?
5. What type of training have you had that I may not find on your application?
6. How much do you already know about our company?
7. Are you able to travel or relocate?
8. Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
9. What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?
10. Do you think you possess those qualifications?
11. Can you tell me more about your experiences with the last company you worked for?
12. How have you previously dealt with complicated or confused customers?
13. Hypothetically, you find out that one of the store managers in your district does not have the capabilities they appear to have in the main office because their assistant has been doing their work and covering for them. How do you think you should handle the situation?
Compensation, Incentive, and benefit plans shared with the employee at the time of hiring in
For the position on district manager with the company the following benefits package is being implemented and set into place. The district managers will receive a flexible or full health insurance benefits package. This health insurance package will include medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits. In addition to the health package the managers will be offered paid vacations and holidays for time off. A 401(k) retirement and savings plan will be offered with investment paid in immediately. All employees have a work life and a home life but the times occur when the two separate lives collide. Therefore, we are providing flexible spending accounts for health and dependent daycare with flexible scheduling of work hours. As an extra incentive the managers will also receive merchandise discounts.
In regard to the health insurance package, the benefits offered and coverage available should be accessible to the employee via the Internet. The Internet access permits employees to have more control and ownership of the benefits offered to them. The employee will be able to track claims, review coverage, and compare options. This will allow him or her to take responsibility for their health plan while freeing up time for the human Resources department.
Script for orienting new employees
We here in HR, feel that it is important to address some sensitive issues during your early employment with our company. We have found that taking this opportunity during the time of orientation to the advantage of addressing the issues of privacy, sexual harassment, and immigration.
In regard to employee privacy within the confines of our company. Employee...

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