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Hsc Belonging: Comparison Bretween The Simple Gift And Avata

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An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich their experience of belonging. This certainly the case in ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick and ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron. In both texts, the physical security develops philosophies of belonging towards the end of each text. Likewise, again in both ‘The Simple Gift’ and ‘Avatar’ similarities are shown as in both texts genuine relationships anchor individuals in identity, worth and connection leading to an experience of belonging. Another major similarity between the two texts is that the rules of society in both texts have bearing on an individual’s potential to belong. Belonging is to feel secure, be in a ...view middle of the document...

We are shown of this security with Jake’s interaction with the Pandoran environment when the audience sees his love for the environment through high angle and tracking shots that are used to show Jake’s bonding and developing a strong friendship and passion for the immense and spectacular Pandoran Environment.

In ‘The Simple Gift’ we see that interaction with others through genuine relationships anchor individuals in identity, worth and connection where the audience sees the growing recognition between Billy and Old Billy, and Billy and Caitlin. We recognise the growth in understanding and concern which positively affects each character’s sense of worth and belonging. Through interaction with each other, especially between Billy and Caitlin there experience of belonging is enhanced. The audience acknowledges a sense of belonging between when Billy considers ‘…what she sees in me. I hope it’s someone to talk to someone to look in the eye knowing they’ll look back.’ Through the use of anaphora and repetition, Herrick emphases the connection and sense of belonging between these two characters.

Likewise in ‘Avatar’ we see that interaction with others through genuine relationships anchor individuals in identity, worth and connection where we see the growing relationship between, the protagonist Jake and Neytiri. The audience recognises the growing connection between Jake and Neytiri through their mutual love and respect for the Pandoran environment. High Angle and Tracking Shot are used to show how Jake and Neytiri are bonding and developing a strong relationship through their love and passion for the immense and spectacular Pandoran Environment. The use of the high angle and tracking shot are the most suitable film technique in attempting to capture the growing interaction and connection between Jake and Neytiri.

In ‘The Simple Gift’ we see that interaction with society has a bearing on an individual’s potential to belong. Social judgments made of Billy by the students on the yellow bus; Caitlin’s disgust at her socialised reaction to dismissively run when she watches Billy ‘sharing breakfast’ with an ‘old hobo’; and Old Bill’s faltering return to social acceptance as he walks the streets and makes small talk with locals about the weather, as he attempts to busy himself with normal behaviours, in order to withstand the allure of alcohol and pubs. We see at the beginning of ‘The Simple Gift’ that the rules of society limit interaction with others and the world around the main characters, as the prose novel continues the main characters start to transform and fit in to Bendarat’s society. We see when Billy first moved to Bendarat he is labeled as ‘… shouting insults at me, the bum…’ by children in a...

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