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Htc Case Essay

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Report for HTCEvaluate HTC's performance to date. What are its competitive advantages and vulnerabilities? Bes sure to elaborate on HTC and its competitors' positioning on performance and cost.Competitive advantages. Succeeded in creating the world's first pocket-size PC with Microsoft.. HTC manufactured the first color-screened PDA that run on Microsoft Windows' CE platform that can allow users use Microsoft Office applications, handle e-mail, and other media functions.. HTC built a partnership with Qualcomm, which made HTC became the first Taiwanese company with 3G license.. Collaborated with Microsoft help HTC to release the XDA, the first Windows-based smartphone.. Offering the ...view middle of the document...

Also pointed the unattractive design and slow evolution of the platform.. HTC lacked the scale and budget to launch an aggressive worldwide publicity.. Only 2% of consumers said HTC was the first brand choice of mobile. It means that HTC has lower brand recognition.. HTC lacked significant intellectual property rights in mobile phones, intellectual property and licensing fees.How would you characterize HTC's financial position vis-à-vis competitors?With reference to the financial ratios of HTC in Exhibit 1a, over six years, its average gross margin was 23.83%, return on total assets was 31.33%, return on sales was 18.11%, and return on equity was 54.33%. According to Exhibit 7, HTC was in the second place of Handset Manufacturers' Operating Margins among the six companies. The company was highly competitive and profitable as a whole. According to Exhibit 5, the ranking of smartphone sales of HTC was behind Nokia, Rim, and Apple. According to Exhibit 6, the gross margin of Apple, Motion, Palm, Nokia, and Samsung was 26.72%, 48.46%, 31.58%, 35.04%, and 30.18% respectively. The HTC had the lowest gross margin. But its revenue is growing rapidly from the year 2004 to 2008 according to Exhibit 1a. That growth rate was better than the rate of the most other companies and the average. Its return on sales ratio was the best among the six companies, which its average of return on sale was more than 18%.What should HTC's strategy be? Should it stick with Windows Mobile and Android? Should it build its own platform? Be sure to evaluate these options using the value net.Using Windows...

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