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Huck Finn's Moral Development Essay

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Greek tragedy is an imitation of an action that is admirable, complete, composed of an introduction, a middle part and an ending, and possesses magnitude. In language it is made pleasurable. Each of its species separated in different parts performed by actors, not through narration. Effecting through pity and fear which are the purification of such emotions.
According to the philosopher, Aristotle, tragedy characterized by seriousness and dignity and involving a great person who experiences a reversal of fortune. The structure of the best tragedy should not be simple but ...view middle of the document...

Each tragedy should have a tragic hero. A tragic hero is someone of noble stature. He or she isn’t an ordinary person, but a person with outstanding quality and greatness about him. His own destruction is for a greater cause or principle.
Usually, the tragic hero should be born of noble birth. The hero should contain a hamartia as well. Hamartia is a missing the mark, failure, fault, or error. It is also known as the hero’s fatal flaw. He or she should also contain a peripetei. This is a sudden reversal of fortune, or turning point brought about by the hero’s tragic flaw. His or her actions should result in an increase of self-awareness and self-knowledge. Lastly, the audience must be able to feel pity and fear for his character. In this story, two people can be considered the tragic hero. Antigone or Creon.
Antigone can be considered the tragic hero because she is of royalty, she has a tragic flaw that leads to her downfall, and an unhappy ending. She is royal because she is the father of Oedipus, who was the king of Thebes. Her brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, both died in a war. So, neither of them could rule Thebes, which led to Antigone’s uncle, Creon, to then become king. After he is king, he warned everyone in Thebes to not give Polyneices a proper burial. This angered Antigone, and she went against the king to allow for her brother to make it into the afterlife. As soon as Creon finds out it was her, he sentences her to death even though she is apart of his family. She is locked up in a cave with a little bit of food so she...

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