Huey Newton And The Black Panther Party

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Around the fall of 1966, the black civil rights movement was changing its strategies and goals all overnight. Many white Americans wanted to know what was the sudden change in the blacks because they haven’t been use to seeing such a proud race that was demanding equal rights. The black movement shift became obvious to the public in August of 1965, when President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act that caused all the blacks to have pep in their step. After the signing there was many chaotic events that was occurring. Just one week after the of there was an explosion of ghetto violence that resulted in35 dead, over 900 injured, more than 3,900 arrested and over $46 million in property damage. The riots and damaging didn’t just stop there, weeks passed and more chaos was raised. Weeks after weeks more people were killed and many were arrested. The racial turmoil of 1966 spread to over 43 cities ending the summer with ...view middle of the document...

That is why he was known as one of the best street fighters. However, even though he had it rough as a child he still had great education opportunities. He tried law school and many other academic studies but he wasn’t really connecting to it until he came across the Afro-American Association (AAA). At the Association he finally felt like he was at home, he met people that connected with him. One person who recognized and admired the same passion ad Newton and his name was Bobby Seale, and even though he was five years older than Newton the two still connected as very fast friends with the bonding on politics, racial issues and revolution. Sadly in the summer of 1966 with the inaction of the AAA, the place where the two friends met was going to end.
One day in the year of 1966 when Newton and Seale was rallying up a street corner rally, a police interrupted because he stated that they was obstructing the sidewalk. This interruption concluded with injuries and arrest on Newton and Seale. From that day on hatred to the white Americans from Newton and Seale grew stronger and they had to do something about it. On October 15, 1966, Bobby Seale had officially dated the birth of the Black Panther Party. The Black Panther was used as a symbolic symbol as a noble animal. The Party originally started in Harlem and in San Francisco when Newton and Seale wrote the parties beliefs in writing. In the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale was the party’s Chairman and Huey Newton was the Defense Minister. The party’s uniform was to dress in all leather. The officers were known as captains and Lieutenants and each man and woman was expected to study and learn the basic tentens of revolution and people’s liberation. The plans of the Black Panther Party were a strategy to put their party platform in living action. By putting it to action the Party began to use weapons like riffles and pistols to show the society that they mean business. On New Year’s Day of 1967, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense opened up its first office for stocks of guns, so that they can give everyone the opportunity of self-defense.

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