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Human Evolution Essay

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Dim Forest, Bright Chimps
In the article Dim Forest, Bright Chimps it talks about how close chimpanzees are to humans in terms of ingenuity. The authors first start the article by explaining how chimps would use stones or branches to crack open different types of nuts and how the chimpanzees know the right tool for the job. From here they go on to talk about how these chimpanzees would work as a group to hunt monkeys and that these chimps have a different method of hunting than other chimps. The last thing the authors talks about is how similar to humans chimps are when it comes to sharing food, using tools to get a job done, and working together to hunt. The article itself uses the group of chimps studied by the authors and the work of a person known as Jane Goodall to support their thoughts. This is relevant to human evolution because it tries to relate how our early hominid ancestors and chimpanzees were not that far apart in terms of behaviour.
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This article is based on certain cases in which monkeys acted human-like while they were in exhibits and tries to use logic to reason with the reader. In terms of Human evolution, this article is relevant because it discusses chimpanzees having human-like actions which help to explain that we had a common ancestor.
Machiavellian Monkeys
In the article Machiavellian Monkeys it explains that, like humans, monkeys and apes are clever and deceitful. At the beginning of the article the author gives a few examples of deceit in humans. From here he explains that the first incident was observed by Richard Bryne and Andrew Whiten while they were observing foraging among the chacma baboons and how these people actually took surveys amongst paleontologists to see if they were getting similar deceitful results. The author then writes about this being observed in both apes and monkeys and that it is rarely found by a paleontologist. At the end of the article, the author explains how our early hominid ancestors had a social life similar to that of the monkeys and apes. This article is supported by the different surveys taken and the evidence found by Bryne and Whiten. The article is significant to human evolution because it explains the similarities our early hominid ancestor must have had with today’s monkeys/apes.
Chimpanzees and Bonobos Exhibit Emotional Responses to Decision Outcomes
In the article Chimpanzees and Bonobos Exhibit Emotional Responses to Decision Outcomes, the author writes about an experiment conducted with chimps and bonobos and how apes are similar to humans in their decision making. In the article, the author begins by talking about emotion and decision making in humans then goes to the decision making in bonobos and chimpanzees and how the apes differ from one another when it comes to making a decision. From here he explains how the experiments were conducted and the results from each of the experiments. At the end of the article, he concludes by relating human decision making with the decision making of the chimps. This article is supported by the evidence of the experiment and is significant to evolution through the comparisons of human and ape decision making.

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